We talked about Dominik Kubalik several times… one of the most spectacular players, and one of the best snipers, who’s been playing in our National League this century.

Right now, Dominik is playing for Czech Republic at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Slovakia. And he got off to a brillant start by doing what he can do best, that is to put the puck in the net. Czech Republic won their first game 5-2 against Sweden and Kubalik tallied two points (1 goal).

This last season in Switzerland with Ambrì-Piotta, Dominik put as many as 26 pucks in the net… 25 during the Regular Season and 1 during playoffs. Do you remember all of them? Or at least the nicest ones? If the answer is yes, congrats because you have a great memory. If the answer instead is no, don’t worry… we got this.

Or rather, “The Last Frontier” got this… as he made and sent us a video of Dominik Kubalik’s highlights of the 2018-19 season.

We think there is not much to add.

Ambrì-Piotta had a terrific season and obviously Dominik Kubalik played a big role. The Czech forward is nothing but impressive… moreover, despite his young age (he will turn 24 next August 21st) and his impressive talent, he’s even a leader. One of that kind of a player who, among other things, always plays for the logo on the front and not the name on the back.

His future is the NHL, rightly so. Already next season? Time will tell. One thing is sure though, a guy like him, has all it takes to succeed in the most prestigious league of the world. And has all it takes to put many pucks in the net also overseas.

We in Switzerland, enjoyed him until we could. We’ve said that in an article we published back in January, after all… Let’s enjoy him while we still can!

Dominik Kubalik… let’s enjoy him while we still can!