Great Britain is back!

On May 11th 2019, in Košice, Great Britain will face Germany at 4.15PM… and will therefore play a game in the Pool A of the World Ice Hockey Championship for the first time after 9’136 days!

Much time in fact, has passed since May 6th, 1994… when Great Britain suffered a 5-2 defeat against Norway in Bolzano (Italy) and were relegated to the Pool B.

On that day, the Norwegian took a 2-goals lead with Geir Hoff and Anders Myvold… the British were then able to equalize thanks to Ian Cooper and Richard Fera. Finally though, Morten Finstad, Espen Knutsen and Jörgen Salsten earned Norway the win and secured them their place in the Pool A.

It was the 1994 World Ice Hockey Championship, the one won by Canada who defeated Finland in the final. The one that saw Sweden grabbing the bronze medal thanks to the win against United States in the final for the 3rd place. And the one that saw Austria qualifying for the first – and so far only – time to the quarterfinals stage in the “playoffs era”.

And also the one that Switzerland didn’t play… That year, the Swiss played in the Pool B and were promoted at the end of the tournament played against Latvia, Poland, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania and China…

But let’s get back to Great Britain. The British have been doing a terrific job over the last couple of seasons and are coming off two consecutive brillant promotions that generated enthusiasm! We’re very curious to see them this year.

Before that happens – on Saturday, May 11th – against Germany, we wanted to find out some trivia about Great Britain.


March 9th, 1962 – Finland vs Great Britain 5-7

Great Britain took part in the 1994 World Ice Hockey Championship, the one when – as we saw – they were relegated. During that tournament, the British haven’t won a single game… and their previous appearance in the Pool A of the World Ice Hockey Championship dated back to 1962, when the tournament was held in the United States.

Also at the end of that tournament, Great Britain were relegated… however, they were able to win a game. On March 9th, 1962, when they defeated Finland 7-5!


Germany will be the first opponent of Great Britain at this World Ice Hockey Championship… and the British faced the Germans also during their last Pool A World Ice Hockey Championship 25 years ago.

It was April 27th, 1994, when in Bolzano (Italy), Germany earned a 4-0 win. If you’re a nostalgic one, here are the video highlights of that game…


Great Britain had a glorious past in ice hockey during the first half of last century. In fact, they won the first ever European Ice Hockey Championship in 2010… they won the bronze medal at the 1924 Olympic games in Chamonix, and they even won the gold medal at the 1936 Olympic games in Garmish-Partenkirchen. Moreover, they were even silver medalist twice at the World Ice Hockey Championship back in 1937 (in Great Britain) and in 1938 (in Canada).

It’s gonna be tough, very tough, to relive such period… yet, the British took a step forward and are now back in the top tier of World Ice Hockey!

Their only target is to survive this year in Slovakia. As we all know, however, enthusiasm can work miracles… then again, who knows, maybe Great Britain can seriously shock the world and win a couple of games!

For our part, all we can do is to wish them good luck!