Playoffs in Switzerland were introduced starting from the 1985-86 season and there is no denying that it was a revolution. Not for nothing, even though Davos is the most titled team in Switzerland, oftentimes people count separately titles won during the “playoffs era”.

And then, we wanted to calculate the historical NLA Regular Season table starting from the 1985-86 season until today!

Let’s have a look at it right away… and let’s immediately stress that only Lugano, Fribourg Gottéron and Ambrì-Piotta have been playing in the top tier of Swiss hockey uninterruptedly since the 1985-86 season. All the other teams, played at least one season in lower divisions.


It’s important to underline that, till the end of the 2005-06 season, there were no shootouts during the Regular Season. Moreover, 2 points were given to the winners.

Lugano are the ones who earned the highest number of points during the playoffs era. This also thanks to the period of the “Grande Lugano” in the latest 80s and the earliest 90s. The fact remains that no one earned more points than the Bianconeri during the playoffs era… and also that no one won more games neither scored more goals!

Bern, however, are fast approaching. The Bears were promoted to the NLA in 1986 and therefore missed only the first season of the playoffs era. Over time though, they’ve been able to get closer and closer to Lugano.

To note, anyway, that only Lugano and Bern have been able – to date – to earn more than 2’000 points!

Kloten were getting close… but were relegated at the end of the 2017-18 season. Therefore, it’s likely that Davos and ZSC Lions (previously Zürcher SC) are the next two teams who will top 2’000 points. It will take them, however, at least two seasons.


Right this season – 2018-19 – ZSC Lions and Fribourg Gottéron earned their 600th Regular Season’s win in the playoffs era. Bienne on the other hand, topped 300.

Having said that, not all the teams played the same number of games in the NLA. Therefore, let’s have a look at the best teams in terms of:

Points per game on average

Percentage of win games

Goals scored and goals against on average per game


Genève Servette have the highest points on average per game of the playoffs era! The Eagles, promoted at the end of the 2001-02 season, have done a great job after all. Not for nothing, they made it two times all the way to the final and missed the playoffs only twice.

It’s fair to underline, however, that Genève Servette played “only” 5 seasons when a win was awarding you “2 points”. This fact, alone, give them an advantage compared to the other teams.

On the other hand, the team with the lowest points on average per game is Ajoie. The “Jurassiens” though, never played in the top tier of Swiss hockey this century.


Among the current NLA teams, the ones with the lowest points on average per game are Ambrì-Piotta, SCL Tigers and Rapperswil. In fact, the Lakers are the only ones who have less than 1 point per game on average.


When it comes to Regular Season games won in percentage, Bern are at the top of the table! Even though Lugano are very close. In fact, we think it’s safe to say that – overall – Bears and Bianconeri have been the very best teams of the playoffs era.

The teams who have the lowest win percentage are Chur, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Ajoie.

Among the current NLA teams instead, the ones who won the least games in percentage are Lausanne, SCL Tigers and Rapperswil.


Only six teams won more than 50% of games played. Other than Bern and Lugano, we’re talking about Davos, Zug, Kloten and Genève Servette.


Lugano are the ones who scored the highest number of goals on average per game and also the ones who have the best goal difference. Bern for their part, scored slightly less than Lugano but also conceded less goals… in fact, there is no one around who conceded less goals on average per game than the Bears.

Also these data, makes it clear that Bern and Lugano are overall the best teams of the playoffs era.

Among the current NLA teams instead, Lausanne, Rapperswil and SCL Tigers have the worst goal difference.


Finally, let’s have a look at the most titled teams of the playoffs era. That’s because the Regular Season is important… but to do well during it, is no guarantee of success.

Bern are the 2018-19 Champions and – also thanks to the title won this season – are the most titled team of the playoffs era, as well as the ones who played the highest number of finals.

Lugano are right behind… they played 2 finals in the last 4 seasons but haven’t won a title since 2006.

There are then Davos and ZSC Lions. These teams – together with Lugano and Bern – are the only ones who were able to be crowned Swiss Champions in the last 21 seasons.

To note, finally, the negative record of Fribourg Gottéron, Genève Servette and Ambrì-Piotta. These three teams played at least a final but never lifted the coveted trophy. It’s actually nerve-wracking the negative record of Fribourg Gottéron… who were finalist four times but never lifted the trophy. Not even during the period of the magic duo Bykov – Khomutov.

Well, that’s it for now. But stay tuned… because soon we’ll publish other historical trivia 🙂

See you soon, guys!