Tonight Bern can be crowned the 2019 Swiss Champions! Is that enough for you in order to understand that this is a can’t-miss game? Zug are by now up against the wall and are going to play a do-or-die game… paradoxically, this factor can take a lot of pressure off on Dan Tangnes’ guys. The Bears for their part have 3 match points and this is great but at the same time this fact can turn into a dangerous double-edged sword. Will we be here again on Monday night to talk about Game-6 or the season will end tonight? Soon enough we’ll have the answers…


SC Bern vs EV Zug 3-1


5 points – Mark Arcobello (3G, 2A), Gaëtan Haas (3G, 2A)

5 points – Dennis Everberg (3G, 2A)

FINAL – GAME-5 – 20.04.2019

SC BERN vs EV ZUG – PostFinance Arena – 20:00

Bern may not be spectacular… but amazingly merciless. The Bears are like a steamroller and have some real character and mental toughness. Whenever they looked like up against the wall, they clawed their way out of their cave in order to gnaw on their opponents. And to sum up, tonight they have the great chance to become Swiss Champions for the third time in the last four seasons!


Winning mindset

We say it enough times but we repeat it once again… often times, starting from the semifinals, the winning mindset makes the whole difference. It allows you not to panic when you’re in trouble, it allows you to handle the big times on and off the ice between one game and another, and it allows you to be self-confident and merciless whenever you have scoring chances. This, in our humble opinion, is Bern’s main strength. Without forgetting, of course, the impressive roster.


Playoffs home record

Bern won the last home game against Zug… overall, however, they lost as many as 5 out of 9 games at the PostFinance Arena during the 2019 playoffs. We mean, let us not beat around the bush… the Bears are able to be more effective away from home. Maybe because when they play home they are forced to be more proactive than their opponents.


Tristan Scherwey

Tonight emotions will play a key role… and when it comes to emotions, you immediately think about Tristan Scherwey. Tristan brings in impressive energy, he drives the opponents nuts and even makes it into the scoresheet. Bern is a real team and can count on so many top class players, including Gaetän Haas who came back for Game-2 of the final and made the difference. But in our opinion, Tristan Scherwey always play a crucial role during the post-season.


It’s do or die time! What will prevail tonight? The frustration because of Thursday defeat suffered or the awareness about being able to put Bern under a lot of pressure and create many scoring chances? If we look at Game-3, it looks like the Bulls only miss that self-confidence that allows you to be merciless when you have scoring opportunities. The truth is that, however, the Bulls are now up against the wall and can’t afford any mistake.


Scoring chances

Zug are able to create more scoring chances compared to Bern and overall they have more of the puck possession. Dan Tangnes’ troops were harshly punished on Thursday night at the Bossard Arena. Put it like that, it looks like the Bulls only need to be more accurate in front of goal in order to turn the series around…


Up against the wall

On the one hand, when you’re up against the wall you have no pressure… you have nothing to lose, after all. On the other hand, however, the risk is that frustration takes over… and when frustration takes over, oftentime it’s the perfect recipe for a disaster. Especially during playoffs. Especially during a final.


Tobias Stephan

Tobias Stephan is a great goalie… there is no denying, however, that Leonardo Genoni is proving more effective during this final. If the Bulls want to have a chance to play against their fans… and if they want to extend this final series… Tobias Stephan must be at the top of his game. It’s as simple as that. Because Bern are merciless.