EV Zug – SC Bern

Bern turned the situation around and tonight are travelling to Zug with every intention to earn a third consecutive win. A win that would earn them three match points to become 2019 Swiss Champions! Zug for their part looked a bit downhearted during the last game in Bern… it would be a huge mistake, however, to write them off. Dan Tangnes’ troops have all it takes to win tonight in front of their own fans and therefore give the series a whole new life!


SC Bern vs EV Zug 2-1


4 points – Mark Arcobello (2G, 2A)

4 points – Dennis Everberg (3G, 1A)

FINAL – GAME-4 – 18.04.2019

EV ZUG vs SC BERN – Bossard Arena – 20:00

Allright Zug, now what do you do? The Bulls are in trouble for the first time in the 2019 playoffs… and tonight, we’ll really understand what they’re made of! Bern are a tough nut to crack and look like they found another gear. Moreover, Dan Tangnes’ guys almost looked downhearted the other night at the PostFinance Arena. Put it like that, it seems like a mission impossible to win the title… as we all know, however, everything can change very fast in ice hockey!


Scoring chances

Zug were able to create some good scoring chances also the other night in Bern. This fact alone, regardless of the performance, it’s important. It means that the Bulls are able, no matter what, to make themselves dangerous. It’s gonna be important to be more accurate though, as well as going to search more for the “puck luck”.


Current situation

Tonight we’ll understand if Zug can aim to become 2019 Swiss Champions for real. Dan Tangnes’ guys are in trouble for the first time of the playoffs… will they be able to react and to refrain from panicking?


Tobias Stephan

Bern are very strong and also very accurate when they have scoring opportunities. If Zug want to have a chance in this final, Tobias Stephan must be at the top of his game. So far, Tobias is been doing well… but he can do even better!

Bern were able to turn the momentum in their favour when they looked like up against the wall for the umpteenth time during the 2019 playoffs. Maybe the Bears are not always spectacular but they’re very effective and, most and above all, are able to get back up when they’re down. This is a show of real character and winning mindset!


Winning mindset

It takes years to build a winning mindset… but Bern have it! Winning mindset allows you not to panic when you’re up against the wall… it allows you to win key games… it allows you to have that “little something extra” that seriously make the differene at the key moments!



It’s true that you don’t feel tiredness during playoffs… or at least, that you feel it less. Especially when you’re so close to getting something big. However Bern, both against Genève Servette, then against Bienne and now also against Zug, made a great effort. The hope for the Bears is that you don’t have to pay the price for it, even if only under the mental point of view.


Tristan Scherwey

It’s easy to assume that tonight Zug will bring in a lot of energy and intensity from the first puck drop… in this regard, Tristan Scherwey’s emotions and intensity will play a key role. Let us not forget, moreover, that Tristan is also able to make it into the scoresheet!