There are those players who, regardless of the level of their performances, are able to be always in the right place at the right time. At the key moments of the games and of the seasons.

Mark Arcobello is definitively one of them.

During Game-3 of the Final Bern vs Zug, Mark once again confirmed to be one of that kind of a player who can really help a team win. But let’s get down to the details…

Bern have been winning 10 games during the 2019 playoffs so far. In 5 cases, Mark Arcobello played a crucial role. Suffice it to say that he tallied 13 points in 16 games and he’s the Bears’ Top Scorers of the playoffs… but most and above all, the American forward tallied 5 winning points!

The 5 winning points are distributed as follows… 3 “Game Winning Goals” (including two scored during overtime periods) and 2 “Game Winning Assists”. In other words, Mark Arcobello was involved, one way or another, in half of Bern’s “Game Winning Goals” of the playoffs!

These are some impressive numbers for this player who maybe is not always delivering outstanding performances… but who, almost always, is in the right place at the right time. And who, almost always, is crucial!

It’s not an accident, after all… Also during the Regular Season in fact, Mark Arcobello was the NLA player who tallied the highest number of “Game Winning Goals” (7)!

If to the “Game Winning Goals” we add also the “Game Winning Assists”, we have a total of 15 “Winning Points” during the Regular Season. In other words, considering that the Bears won 34 games during the 2018-19 Regular Season… Mark Arcobello was directly involved in a “Game Winning Goal” in 44% of the cases!

We mean, what about Mark for a crucial player. We’ve been already talking about that back in mid-January… when we published a “portrait” about him… in which we stressed several times that he really is a player able to make the difference at the key moments.

Mark Arcobello… the man who’s always in the right place at the right time!

Right now, it’s really a key moment for Bern. The Bears are now 2-1 ahead in the Final series and looked like they found another gear. Ice hockey is a team sport in which, more than in other sports, it’s difficult for a single player to make the difference. Especially during playoffs.

Yet, when you can count on Mark Arcobello, things are slightly “easier”.

We think it’s safe to say that Mark Arcobello is that kind of a player every coach wants on his team. Even if only because, even when his performances aren’t top notch, he can always help you win a game.

We’re great admirer of this American forward who’s playing his third season with Bern. Three seasons during which – Regular Season and playoffs included – he’s collected 188 appearances and has tallied 198 points so far… most of them, crucial ones.

Well, what else can we add? Long life to Mark Arcobello! Bern’s fans, and all ice hockey passionates in Switzerland, can still enjoy him at least until the end of next season!