SC Bern – EV Zug 4-1 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights of Game-3 of the Final!


SC Bern – EV Zug 4-1

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


It looked like Bern found another gear… they earned a very well-deserved 4-1 win and are now 2-1 ahead in the series!

From the beginning, it was clear that the Bears were the better side on ice. If to that we add a bit of luck – the one that favors the braves – or “puck luck” how they call it… you can understand why the two teams went to the first break with Bern leading 3-1 in the score.

It took only 3 minutes and 34 seconds to Simon Moser to deflect a shot of Mark Arcobello and to give the lead to the hosts during the first power-play situation of the night. Then, during the 7th minute of play, Carl Klingberg equalized for Zug at the first real scoring chance for the visiting side… but it was only a flash in the pan. Because Kari Jalonen’s troops were unimpressed and in fact, always during the first period, deservedly took a 2-goals lead thanks to the goals scored by Mark Arcobello and Tristan Scherwey. The latter, he scored during the second power-play situation of the night.

Starting from the central period then, Bern obviously mostly tought about defending their lead but were still the better side on ice. Zug for their part looked downhearted… and lived off sporadic counterattacks, like the one that led Reto Suri to hit the post.

It was therefore not an accident that the score didn’t change until the latest stages of the game… when Mark Arcobello scored an empty-netter and set the 4-1 final score in Bern’s favour!


Mark Arcobello (SC Bern)

On the eve of this game, we wrote that Mark Arcobello’s time was about to come… well, he tallied 3 points including 2 goals. As almost always, Mark Arcobello plays a crucial role at the key moments!