Bern earned a 3-2 overtime win in Zug in game-2 of the 2019 playoffs final. And it was somehow even a historical win…

It’s quite rare that a game between Bulls and Bears requires an overtime period to establish the winner. In fact, both during the Regular Season and the Playoffs, it happened only 5 times – excluding last night – in the last 35 head to head. And the thing is that Zug always won. It happened 3 times during the Regular Season and 2 times during Playoffs.

In fact, Bern last overtime win earned against Zug before last night, went back to 2’038 days ago. And more precisely, it dated back to September 13th, 2013, when they earned a 5-4 overtime win at the PostFinance Arena thanks to the game winning goal scored by Ryan Gardner.

Moreover, there are similarities between last night and September 13th wins.. Back in 2013, Ryan Gardner scored the game winning goal after 64 minutes and 56 seconds of play. Last night instead, Gregory Sciaroni scored the game winning goal after 64 minutes and 28 seconds of play. In addition, even though the plays were different, both Gardner and Sciaroni took the winning shot from a very similar position!

Let’s relive that game of over 2’000 days ago…

September 13th, 2013 – SC Bern vs EV Zug 5-4 (OT)

Back on September 13th, 2013, it was the seasonal opener for both teams. Bern hosted Zug and the game was literally crazy. During the first period Corsin Casutt gave the lead to the visitors, Geoff Kinrade equalized for the hosts, Fabian Sutter restored the lead for the visitors and Tristan Scherwey equalized again for the hosts.

During the central period then… Fabian Sutter put Zug ahead for the third time, but then Travis Roche and Ivo Rüthemann turned the score around and gave the lead to Bern for the first time of the night. During the final stages of the second period though, again Fabian Sutter equalized for the Bulls and the two teams went to the second break level on the score (4-4).

The third period ended goalless… and so the two teams moved on to the overtime period, during which Ryan Gardner earned the win for Bern!



To note that that game was only the beginning of a tramuatic season for both teams as both missed the playoffs and were forced to play the Ranking Round.

This season instead, the two teams are fighting for the title. What about this for a difference!

The fact remains that Bern last night did something quite rare if we consider the recent past and the games played against Zug.

Curiously enough, to conclude, it was even since January 27th, 2012, that the Bears hadn’t won after the 60th minute of play at the Bossard Arena. On that day, Bern earned a 5-4 shootouts win… during the 60 minutes, Jean-Pierre Dumont, Ryan Gardner, Pascal Berger and Joel Kwiatkowski scored for the Bears while Patrick Oppliger, Fabian Lüthi, Fabian Schnyder and Josh Holder scored for the Bulls.

At the end of the shootouts series then, Bern earned the extra point.

And that was the last time Bern won in Zug after the 60th minute of play. And for the supersticious of you… touch wood. Because that season, Bern made it all the way to the final but then lost the title at the last gasp of game-7 at home against Zürich…