We will present you, from now until the end of the playoffs, in this semi-serious column, the quotes that in our opinion particularly suit the eight teams who are battling to become Swiss Champions!

This column will be published regularly…


SC Bern

“Mental toughness is essential to success!” – Vince Lombardi

During game-7 of the semifinal, Bern once again put an impressive winning mindset on display. Moreover, they proved to be more experienced compared to the Seeländers. Winning mindset and experience build your mental toughness… and as Vince Lombardi used to say, mental toughness is essential to success!

EHC Biel-Bienne

“So close and yet so far!” – Generic

Last season Bienne lost 4-2 against Lugano at the semifinals stage. This season the Seeländers lost 4-3 against Bern at the semifinals stage. We mean, Antt Törmänen’s troops are taking huge steps forward and sooner or later will get where they deserve to be, that is in the final! So far, however, they’ve been only so darn close and yet so darn far…