HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 4-1

We can only start by saying that the playout final – in light of Langenthal’s decision not to play the League Qualification series – was pointless in every way. We’re really sorry, especially for the fans and also for the players that have been trying to gift the fans with some show. Having said that, Davos who were the favourites, won 4-1 overall.


HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 3-2

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Davos 3-5

HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 2-3

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Davos 3-5

HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 3-1


6 points – Andres Ambühl (1G, 5A)


Andres Ambühl (HC Davos)

Andres Ambühl was supposed to be the charismatic leader and the step-up kind of a guy in this playout final. He’s the Captain and one of the most experienced players around, after all. Well, Andres played his part very well. He’s been putting his soul during each shift out there. Moreover, he even tallied 6 points in 5 games.


Dion Knelsen (SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers)

Rapperswil lost the series but Dion Knelsen – who will continue his career in Olten – gave it all until the end. He’s been growing game to game throughout the Regular Season and, even though he struggled a little compared to the NLB times, always gave his best. The playout final was no exception. Dion leaves Rapperswil with his head held high!


Benjamin Baumgartner (HC Davos)

If there is something positive in Davos’ post-season, is the fact that a couple of fresh-faced boys could play for the first team. Among the players, there is Benjamin Baumgartner who had a great impact! He’s a player we can’t wait to see regularly next season!


Davos’ key players

Davos were clearly the favourites and that could have been a very dangerous double edged sword for them. The Ibexes, however, were able to show some pride and made the difference also thanks to their key players. It’s unfair and ungenerous to name names… but we all know who we’re talking about, after all.

Power-play & Penalty-killing

Rapperswil have been struggling to be effective during power-play situations throughout the whole season and have not been effective also during the playout final. Davos on the other hand, who had already a good power-play during the Regular Season, were effective also during the playout final. This is something that made the difference.

Futility of game-5

With hindsight, we can say that game-5 – that became totally meaningless – was a key factor. That’s because the game became some sort of a friendly one out of season. We don’t know if Rapperswil could have won in Davos if circumstances had been different. We don’t even know if the Lakers would have been able to win another three games. The truth is, however, that the futility of game-5 helped both teams to go on holiday prematurely.


51:50 – Game-4

After 51 minutes and 50 seconds of game-4 in Rapperswil, the score was 3-3. The Lakers were abe to comeback from two goals down and, frankly speaking, they would have deserved to take the lead. In the 51th minute of play, however, Enzo Corvi gave the lead to Davos and that’s something that literally crippled Rapperswil.


Goals For & Goals Against

Obviously Davos scored more than Rapperswil. Moreover, it’s interesting to look at the chart and see that the Ibexes tendentially made the difference during the first 10 minutes of the central periods and during the last 10 minutes of the games. The Lakers for their part, haven’t scored a single goal during the last 10 minutes of the 5 games.

Shots & Shots Against

Both teams shot less as the games went on. Tendentially, however, Davos always shot more than Rapperswil in each period of play. This is evidenced also by the total number of shots of the two teams.

Scoring & Saving percentage

Davos had an excellent scoring percentage. Rapperswil’s scoring percentage on the other hand wasn’t dreadful… but it was still better compared to the Regular Season.

Power-play & Penalty-killing

As we’ve already said before, Davos made the difference during power-play situation and that was a key factor of this playout final. 25.0% of efficiency is remarkable.


Regardless of the fact that the playout final turned out to be meaningless, Davos anyway put their unlucky season to an end in style. The Ibexes were the big favourites to win the playout final and this could have been a very dangerous double-edged sword. Vitolinsh’s troops instead prevailed and at least for that they deserve a round of applause!

We all knew it would be tough… and in fact Rapperswil – who, however, turned out to be a tough nut to crack – weren’t able to win the series. “Thanks” to Langenthal though, the Lakers won’t have to play a very dangerous League Qualification series…. we mean, also Rapperswil are now on holiday and now it’s time to start thinking about next season!