EV Zug – Lausanne HC 4-1

Zug won 4-1 the semifinal series against Lausanne. It would be wrongto say it’s been a walk in the park for Dan Tangnes’ troops. But it’s safe to say that the Bulls have been the better side over the arc of the five games. This, even though Lausanne never really totally underperformed…


EV Zug – Lausanne HC 3-1

Lausanne HC – EV Zug 5-4 (OT)

EV Zug – Lausanne HC 5-0

Lausanne HC – EV Zug 0-2

EV Zug – Lausanne HC 5-2


8 points – Lino Martschini (2G, 6A)


Garrett Roe (EV Zug)

Garrett Roe tallied 7 points in 5 games (3 goals, 4 assists). But that’s not the only reason why we think Garrett Roe is the star of the series. The truth is that the American forward literally drove Lausanne nuts! Whenever he was on the ice, the impression was that something dangerous could have happened in the offensive zone… what an impressive player who, moreover, brings in a lot of energy and emotions!


Lino Martschini (EV Zugo)

So much for those who say that Lino Martschini can’t be effective during playoffs… the Swiss forward of Zug is playing the best playoffs of his career! He’s a scoring machine and not for nothing he was the series leading scorer. Most and above all though, it looks like Dan Tangnes found Lino the perfect role so that he can be effective also during playoffs!


Zug’s strength

You can analyze… you can discuss… but the only truth is that Zug were stronger. Point. The Bulls are having some terrific playoffs and their performances are divine most of the time. They’re rock solid in defense, disciplined in the neutral zone and highly organized as well and unpredictable in the offensive zone. Let us not forget, finally, that they’re so darn talented!

Power-play & Penalty-killing

Power-play situations are oftentimes crucial in ice hockey, even more so during playoffs. In this regard, the Bulls were much better. We don’t think it’s been an accident that Zug scored their first goal of the night during a power-play situation in 4 of the 5 games of the series. Moreover, the Bulls were much better penalty killers too.


Ice hockey is a fantastic sport. A sport made of tactic, speed, discipline… and emotions. Right, emotions! Zug brought in more emotions and that’s something that made the difference. Way too often, it looked like Lausanne were not aggressive enough and were almost emotionless. Zug adapted themselves to the context… but we’re pretty sure that the Bulls can increase also their level of physical play if necessary.



Lausanne won game-2 after overtime thanks to an almost perfect performance during the frist two periods of play. Then, already during the third period and the overtime period, Zug were the better side. Nevertheless, the Lions Vaudois earned an overtime win and that could have been a huge blow for Zug. And instead, in game-3, the Bulls delivered the almost perfect performance, they earned 5-0 and made it clear to Lausanne that there was no deal to make.


Goals For & Goals Against

Zug scored twice as much as Lausanne and this data says already a lot. It’s interesting, moreover, to have a look at the chart of the goals distribution over-the-arc of the 60 minutes… the Lions Vaudois never scored a goal during the first period and were basically always forced to chase the Bulls.

Shots & Shots Against

Zug shot much more than Lausanne. Moreover, if we look at the chart of the shots’ distribution per period of play, you can see clearly how the Bulls tendentially sealed the wins already within 40 minutes of play. This allowed them to then “relax” during the third periods.

Scoring & Saving percentage

The Bulls have been much more accurate throughout the series. Moreover, Tobias Stephan increased a lot his level of play as the series went on and hasn’t conceded a single goal for over 120 minutes… that’s not nothing.

Power-play & Penalty-killing

As we’ve already said before, Zug were much better during power-play situation and also much better penalty killers. Power-play and Penalty-killing situations are crucial in ice hockey, especially during playoffs. Also in this regard, the Bulls have been excellent!


For what we’ve seen in the playoffs so far, Zug are the best side around! The Bulls were impressive during the quarterfinal series against Lugano and were even better during the semifinal series against Lausanne. Dan Tangnes built a fantastic Team, with a capital T. It’s been years since we saw such a great Zug. The fans are ecstatic… rightly so! And the team is ready to face the final and to do everything in order to win the title for the first time after over 20 years!

Overall, Lausanne had a good season. They weren’t able, however, to increase their level of play during playoffs and you normally pay a high price for that. The Lions Vaudois’ level of performances were enough to get rid of Langnau at the quarterfinals stage but, frankly speaking, it wasn’t even close to be good enough to prevail against Zug. Moreover, we’ve been personally a bit disappointed by the fact that the Lions Vaudois didn’t bring in enough emotions. Let us not forget, finally, that it looked like Lausanne had no plan-b when it comes to the system of play… that was a limit.