Ryan Gunderson is the player who will reinforce Fribourg Gottéron’s defense. He’s an offensive defenseman who is described as a good skater who can move the puck around well and is excellent during power-play situations. We mean, he looks like that kind of a player the Dragons really need. They even called him “Mr. Perfect”… but we’ll get there.

Let’s get to know more about him!

Name: Ryan

Surname: Gunderson

Born: August 16th, 1985

Nation: USA

Position: D

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Ryan Gunderson was born in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (USA) on August 16th, 1985. He attended the Holy Ghost Preparatory School located in his city where he played hockey and immediately proved to be an excellent player. To date, he still holds the record for most points tallied during a single Regular Season (94 points, 24 goals, 68 assists) of the school.


After graduating from Holy Ghost, Ryan attended the University of Vermont where he played hockey all four years. Curiously enough, at the University of Vermont he played alongside – among others – Torrey Mitchell (former Lausanne) and Viktor Stalberg (former Zug).


At the end of his studies in 2007, Ryan Gunderson – who’s never been drafted and never played in the NHL – he stayed in the United States until the end of the 2009-10 season. Over the years he’s been playing for the Columbia Inferno (EHCL), the Trenton Devils (EHCL), the Lowell Devils (AHL) and the Houston Aeros (AHL). To note that, right in Houston, Ryan was Maxim Noreau (ZSC Lions) and Robbie Earl (Bienne, future Langnau) teammate.


On the eve of the 2010-11 season then, Ryan Gunderson crossed the ocean and agreed terms with Örebro HK in Sweden (Allsvenskan) where he stayed only for one season. Örebro extended his contract but his great performances earned him the interest of Brynäs (SHL), club for which he played most of the time in Europe.

Only between 2014 and 2016 in fact, Ryan transferred first to Jokerit and then to the Dinamo Minsk in the KHL.

After that, he moved back right in Brynäs (SHL) were he stayed until now and where he was, moreover, the assistant Captain during 4 of the 6 seasons he played for the club.


Ryan Gunderson is mainly an offensive defenseman who’s been able to tally some good amount of points whenever he played. We wanted to get to know more about him, so we got in touch with someone who’s been following him from close in the recent past.

We had therefore the pleasure to meet Hans Abrahamsson, journalist at “Aftonbladet”, one of the most popular newspapers of Scandinavia. Hans had the chance to follow Brynäs during the last few seasons. We asked him what he thinks about Ryan Gunderson.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Fribourg and the entire NLA for acquiring such a fantastic player. In Sweden Ryan Gunderson earned the nickname “Mr Perfect”. He’s incredibly serious and professional. He cares a lot about every aspect of the preparation, including diet, sleep and exercise. This is probably also one of the reasons why he barely misses games and he’s never injured or ill. For many years he’s been one of the SHL’s absolute best defensemen. Ryan may not be one of the most entertaining players around, but he’s incredibly efficient and skilled. He rarely/never makes a mistake. Even more, he’s a good skater and handles the puck well. When it comes to shooting, he’s very smart even though his shots aren’t the strongest ones you can see. Finally, Gunderson can also provide solid defensive performances.

Thank you ver much, Hans!

Well, it looks like a great player is about to join Fribourg Gottéron and our league. Considering Gottéron’s roster and their current needs, we thinks it’s safe to say that Ryan Gunderson can have a great impact.

Welcome to Switzerland, Ryan!


We’ve already said that Ryan Gunderson played alongside Torrey Mitchell, Viktor Stalberg, Maxim Noreau and Robbie Earl in the United States. Curiously enough, moreover, in Brynäs he played also alongside several other players that are known over here in Switzerland. Namely, in random order… Kevin Clark (Rapperswil), Nicklas Danielsson (former Lausanne) and Robert Kousal (former Davos). Let us not forget, in addition, that during the 2015-16 season Ryan Gunderson played alongside Ryan Vesce, in Minsk.. maybe some of you remember him because of his short spell in Fribourg during the 2016-17 season.

* When Ryan Gunterson was under contract with Jokerit Helsinki, the club took part in the Spengler Cup 2014. Ryan even played a game against Genève Servette. He collected overall three appearances at that Spengler Cup but failed to score points.

* Ryan Gunderson already faced Fribourg Gottéron twice while he played for Brynäs. It happened during the 2012 and 2013 European Trophy. Gottéron and Brynäs played each other on 17.08.2012 – 4-2 win for Brynäs – and on 30.08.2013 – 3-2 overtime win for Gottéron – but during both games Ryan didn’t score goals.