The playoffs are gifting fans with plenty of emotions… and we’re not done yet. On tuesday night, the teams will play game-4 of the semifinals. Zug are 2-1 ahead against Lausanne while Bienne are 2-1 ahead against Bern.

Today though, there is a day off and we think it’s the best occasion to take a look at the playoffs’ leading scorers data updated to April 1st, 2019.

Let’s see the top 10 playoffs’ leading scorers and also, thanks to the website, also to the top 10 playoffs’ leading scorers per “points per 60 minutes”.


Garrett Roe is having some terrific playoffs and is even the leading scorer. The American forward tallied 11 points in 7 games… that’s impressive to say the least.

Joël Vermin of Lausanne and Lino Martschini of Zug follow with 10 points. The Vaudois’ forward is turning out to be such a dominant player… the Bull instead, is having the best playoffs of his career!

To note that Santeri Alatalo of Zug is the only defenseman among the top 10 leading scorers. And to note also that there are no players of Bern. Finally, curiously enough, Tanner Richard is the only played who is in the top 10 among the players of the teams who haven’t made the semifinals.

Let’s take a look now at the leading scorers per 60 minutes of play. Firstly we see the overall top 10. Then, the five best player ranked by “points per 60 minutes” of the four semifinalists.



Henrik Haapala of Lugano is the player who tallied the highest number of points per 60 minutes of play. It must be said, however, that he played only 52 minutes and 25 seconds overall.

Second placed we find Stefano Giliati of Langnau. He played even less than the Bianconero… in fact, he was on ice only 32 minutes and 36 seconds…

The first significant data then, is the one of Lino Martschini of Zug. The latter, as we said, is having the best playoffs of his career!

To follow, there are three players of Bienne – including Robbie Earl who collected “only” 6 appearances in the post-season – two players of Zug and one of Ambrì-Piotta. And let us not forget about the Tiger Stefan Rüegsegger, who played a total of 49 minutes and 52 seconds during which he made it 3 times into the scoresheet (1 goal, 2 assists). And to say, Stefan tallied only 6 points in 50 Regular Season games.

Finally, let’s take a look at the top 5 leading scorers ranked by “points per 60 minutes” of the four semifinalists.

See you soon, guys!

2.65 – André Heim

2.22 – Jérémie Kamerzin

1.86 –  Daniele Grassi

1.69 – Thomas Ruefenacht

1.63 – Simon Moser

5.13 – Lino Martschini

4.22 – Garrett Roe

3.92 – Dominic Lammer

3.54 – Sven Leuenberger

2.92 – Reto Suri

3.19 – Dustin Jeffrey

3.12 – Joël Vermin

2.84 – Mika Partanen

1.96 – Christoph Bertschy

1.69 – Loic In-Albon

4.47 – Jason Fuchs

3.86 – Robbie Earl

3.70 – Damien Brunner

2.23 – Toni Rajala

1.93 – Jarno Kärki