HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 2-3 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!


HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 2-3

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Rapperswil earned a 3-2 away win in Davos… what about that for a confidence booster for Jeff Tomlinson’s troops?!

Then again, there is no denying that most of the game was some sort of “HC Davos vs Melvin Nyffeler”… the Ibexes in fact, had countless scoring opportunities but were able to put only two pucks in the net. Rappi for their part – who were followed by an impressive number of fans – suffered but for once proved merciless in front of the net and overall put an impressive commitment on display!

But let us get things in the right order. It took only 10 seconds to Anton Rödin to give the lead to Davos. Then, however, always during the first period, even though the Ibexes outplayed Rapperswil, Rapperswil were able to equalize thanks to Dion Knelsen.

What about the central period? More ore less very similar… with the difference that Davos weren’t able to score even a single goal while the Lakers took the lead with Florian Schmuckli shortly after the half-an-hour mark!

We moved on to the third period with Rapperswil 2-1 ahead in the score. A third period that started with Leandro Profico who extended Rappi’s lead to 2-goals… and that continued with Davos who tried 16 times to get past Melvin Nyffeler. Only Tino Kessler, however, was able to put the puck in the net… and therefore, the final score said 3-2 in Rapperswil’s favour!


Melvin Nyffeler (SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers)

A wall. It’s as simple as that!