HC Davos vs SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

The series no one wants to play is about to start… The series of hell, of fear. This is the playout final, guys. On the eve of this season we could expect Rappi to play this “final”… but what about Davos? We all knew it would be a complicated season for the Ibexes. But to the point to play the playout final?

Well, anyway. There is no time to look back. It’s time to look ahead. We expect things to heat up!


Ranking Round

23/03/19 SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Davos 2 : 1  (1 : 0) (1 : 1) (0 : 0)
09/03/19 HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 1 : 3  (0 : 1) (1 : 1) (0 : 1)


Regular Season

26/02/19 SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Davos 1 : 3  (1 : 0) (0 : 1) (0 : 2)
18/01/19 HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 4 : 2  (0 : 0) (3 : 0) (1 : 2)
30/10/18 SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Davos 1 : 2  (0 : 0) (0 : 0) (1 : 1) n.P.
25/09/18, HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 2 : 0  (1 : 0) (1 : 0) (0 : 0)


Il Davos ha vinto tutte e 4 le partite di Regular Season… il Rapperswil per contro, ha vinto entrambe le partite durante il girone di piazzamento! Insomma, può succedere davvero di tutto. Anche se tutto ricomincia da zero.


4 pointsPerttu Lindgren (2G, 2A)

3 pointsAnton Rödin (2G, 1A), Enzo Corvi (1G, 2A), Inti Pestoni (1G, 2A), Dario Meyer (1G, 2A)

5 pointsDion Knelsen (3G, 2A)

3 pointsDanny Kristo (1G, 2A)

2 pointsKay Schweri (1G, 1A), Florian Schmuckli (0G, 2A)


The roster

Come on guys, let’s don’t beat around the bush… on paper, Davos have all it takes to win this playout final. The Ibexes’ roster is good enough and actually was good enough to avoid this torture of playout final.


Davos had a decent power-play efficiency during the Regular Season and in this regard they were the 4th best of the league. This is something that can make the difference.

The improvements

Before the Ranking Round, Davos were improving a lot. The Ibexes in fact, had won 5 of their last 6 games of the Regular Season. We mean, the team’s real value was coming to light.


The rank of favourite

Probably not many of you think that Davos will lose this playout final. We mean, Davos are the clear favourites… and this is a very dangerous double-edged sword. The hope is that the players will not take their “favourites” rank too seriously and will work hard. Let us not forget that most of the players of Davos aren’t used to play such series…

The Ranking Round

It’s true that the Ranking Round was meaningless… the truth is, however, that Davos lost 5 of their 6 games, including the two played against Rapperswil! Regardless of everything, that was not the best way to prepare for this playout final.

The defense

Davos have been improving over the season… but overall, they conceded way too many goals. We mean, defensive play is a weakness for the Ibexes and it’s difficult to fix things right now. Then again, it’s also important to say that Davos conceded only 9 goals to Rapperswil in 6 games…


Andres Ambühl

Andres Ambühl will play a key role both on and off the ice, in our opinion. He’s experienced, he’s talented, he has a winning mindset… these are all factors that can make the difference. Even more so during a series of fear like the one that will start tuesday night.


Because anyway, Davos are stronger. It’s as simple as that. If the Ibexes do not underestimate Rapperswil and can play their game at best, they will have no problems to get rid of the Lakers as soon as possible.


Improvements and the “momentum”

Rapperswil improved a lot compared to the beginning of the season, especially in the offensive zone. Sure, the Lakers aren’t a steamroller… yet, it’s fair to say that they’re slowly becoming a competitive side. They did well during the Ranking Round – 4 wins, 2 losses – and even defeated Davos twice. This must be a confidence booster.

The goalie

Many things didn’t go well this season… but the goalie almost always delivered good performances even though he conceded many goals. Melvin Nyffeler is a goalie able to make the difference and to make enough saves to help the team.


Rapperswil earned promotion at the end of last season… we mean, they know exactly what playing such “series” really means. Moreover, more or less, the Lakers already knew on the eve of this season that this “final” was their destiny. They were prepared. Prepared and experienced… that’s important.


The roster

There is no denying that Davos are overall stronger. Rapperswil have a decent team that, however, will struggle to win 4 games against the Ibexes.

Lack of consistency

If we take both the Regular Season and the Ranking Round into consideration, Rapperswil never – but NEVER – won two consecutive games. We find it hard to believe that suddenly Jeff Tomlinson’s troops will become consistent and will be able to win a best-of-seven series against Davos.


Power-play are pivotal in ice hockey and during a series. Well, in this regard, Rapperswil aren’t good enough. The Lakers have been struggling to put the puck in the net during power-play situations throughout the whole season and also during the Ranking Round.


Melvin Nyffeler

Goalie is crucial in an ice hockey team… and he’s even more crucial during a series. And he’s even more crucial for Rapperswil! If the Lakers want to have a chance, they must count on Melvin Nyffeler at the top of his game!


Why not? Frankly speaking, Rapperswil have nothing to lose and are relatively less under pressure compared to Davos. The Lakers must stay focused and calm and then who knows… they might be able to give their fans something to cheer about!


Let’s have a look now at some head to head stats related to the four games of the season when the two teams faced each other.


Obviously Davos scored more that Rapperswil… It’s interesting to note, however, how games between these two teams have been balanced until the half-an-hour and then Davos made the difference.


Davos shot much more than Rapperswil… if we look at the chart of the shots’ development over the arc of the game, we see that it’s only during the central period that the Ibexes put the Lakers under huge pressure.


Both teams, when they faced each other, had a dramatically low scoring percentage and as a consequence the saving percentages of both teams are very high.


Here you can see that the power-play opportunities can be Davos’ trump card. The Ibexes were good during power-play situations also when they faced Rapperswil this season.


So that’s it… here we are. The series no one wants to play is about to start. Two teams have to play it though… and this season is Davos and Rappi’s turn. On the one side the Ibexes, the clear favourites that will play the playout final for the first time in history. On the other side the Lakers, who have nothing to lose and are relatively less under pressure. How will it go? Follow us and we’ll find out together!

Good luck, Ibexes and Lakers!