We will present you, from now until the end of the playoffs, in this semi-serious column, the quotes that in our opinion particularly suit the eight teams who are battling to become Swiss Champions!

This column will be published regularly…


SC Bern

“Sometimes it just feels like the only thing you do is play hockey and eat!” – Henrik Lundqvist

In fact, we think that the players of Bern and Genève Servette have done nothing but playing hockey and eating over the last 10 days… the players of Bern, however, at least had the joy of celebrating at the end of 6 epic and endless battles! And now… ready for next tuesday night when the semifinals will start. Right, Mutzen?

Genève Servette HC

“Everyday is a great day for hockey!” – Mario Lemieux

Um, are you so sure about it, Mario Lemieux? We mean, surely Genève Servette can’t wait for next season to start. But today? Hockey? Nope, perhaps not today… after an epic battle that lasted approximately 5 hours… after playing basically game-6 and game-7 in one night… and after, moreover, a defeat… no. We don’t think that today is a great day for hockey for Chris McSorley’s troops!


Lausanne HC

“Ice hockey is murder on ice!” – Jim Murray

Ok Lausanne, we mean… it’s not that you have to follow what Jim Murray said to the letter. Yet, frankly speaking, a bit more of physical play wouldn’t hurt. We’re not saying, dear Lausanne, that you have to kill a Tiger or anything like that, but it’s time to show your claws… because when it comes to physical play, dear Lions Vaudois, you looked way too much as gentle as a lamb!

SCL Tigers

“My wife likes the hockey smell because it’s the smell of a warrior!” – David Walton

Well, if we put it like that… we’re pretty sure that the wives and girlfriends of the players of Langnau are quite happy! Hienz Ehlers’ troops are giving it all in this series… they’re delivering fantastic team performances and the players are like real warriors… anything to keep their ladies happy, right 🙂