Ambrì-Piotta won last saturday at home against Bienne but their previous last playoffs win went back to 4’753 days ago… and more precisely to March 11th, 2006.

Let us not forget in fact that back in 2014, the last time Ambrì-Piotta made the playoffs, the Leventinesi suffered a 0-4 overall defeat in the series against Fribourg Gottéron

That previous last playoffs win earned back in 2006 evokes bittersweet memories… on the one hand, the Leventinesi won 5-4 against the cousins of Lugano at the Resega and went 3-0 ahead in the quarterfinal series. On the other hand, however, that was the last win of the series because after that the Bianconeri won 4 consecutive games and made it to the semifinals… and then to the final… and then were crowned Swiss Champions.

But let’s get back to that March 11th, 2006… let’s relive that game.

To note that Ambrì-Piotta’s current coach Luca Cereda was playing that game as a player…

11.03.2006 – HC LUGANO vs HC AMBRÌ-PIOTTA 4-5

That was some crazy game. Ambrì-Piotta immediately took the lead with Hnat Domenichelli but always during the first period Lugano turned the score around with Sandy Jeannin and Ryan Gardner. During the central period then, firstly the Leventinesi went 3-2 ahead with Jean-Guy Trudel and Jeff Toms… then Lugano once again turned the score around with Ville Peltonen and Sandy Jeannin and so the score was 4-3 at the second break. We moved on finally to the third period and more precisely during the last 10 minutes of play, when Alain Demuth and Jeff Toms earned the win for Ambrì-Piotta!

As we said, however, that was the last win of that series for Ambrì-Piotta. On the one hand, that’s a painful memory for the fans… on the other one though, that series must give hope for this season’s quarterfinals.

Ambrì-Piotta in fact are up against the wall and 1-3 behind in the series against Bienne. At the same time, right the Biancoblù experienced that sport “tragedy” back in 2006… we mean, they had a first-hand experience of the fact that you should never give up and you must always believe in making dreams come true.

Luca Cereda back then was a player and was playing his penultimate season… Luca Cereda this season is the coach and we’re pretty sure that in his heart he hopes, or maybe he’s convinced, that this time history can reapeat itself but with Ambrì-Piotta who make a successful comeback.