SC Bern – Genève Servette HC 2-3 (OT2) – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!


SC Bern – Genève Servette HC 2-3 (OT2)

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Bern and Genève Servette have reminded us why we love ice hockey so much. They gifted us with a spectacular and emotional game that lasted 95 minutes and 49 seconds… and that finished with Johan Fransson who scored the game winning goal for the visitors!

But first things first… the first period was quite balanced but nevertheless Bern were able to take the lead with Simon Moser who scored shorthanded (!) in the 15th minute of play. The Mutzen Captain’s goal boosted the Mutzen’s confidence… whom came back after the break with every intention to “kill” the game. All their pressure, however, “only” led to André Heim’s goal scored in the 35th minute of play.

Anyway, many probably thought that Jalonen’s tropps finally found the way to clip the Eagles’ wings… but when it comes to Chris McSorley’s guys you can’t seriously take anything for granted. This was once again confirmed during the first 110 seconds of the third period… that is, the time it took to Tommy Wingels and Henrik Tömmernes to score 2 goals and to equalize for Servette!

From that moment on, the game turned into some sort of battle of nerves with the “momentum” that was at some point in Bern’s favour and at some point in Genève’s favour… a battle of nerves that lasted until the minute 95 and 49 seconds, that is until Johan Fransson’s goal that earned the win for the Eagles and made once again all their fans extremely proud of their guys!


Chris McSorley (Coach, Ginevra Servette HC)

Genève Servette’s committment is extraordinary. For this, we symbolically reward coach Chris McSorley!