Fribourg Gottéron will host Davos tonight for a meaningless Ranking Round game. Clearly, only few fans are interested about this game… we want to talk about something else though. As tweeted by Pierre Shouwey – journalist at “La Liberté” – Fribourg Gottéron and Davos faced each other also exactly 10 years ago, on March 14th, 2009…

The context was a little bit different. The game was scheduled in Davos and it was the 2009 playoffs semifinal game-1!

We want to cheer you up guys – or maybe twist the knife… – and therefore let’s relive that “happy day”!


It was game-1 of the 2009 playoffs semifinals. Davos were coming off the win in the quarterfinals against Lugano while Gottéron were coming off the win against the ZSC Lions. The Dragons – back then under Serge Pelletier – got off to a great start of the game and took the lead after only 4 minutes and 58 seconds with Andrey Bykov… then, however, Davos reacted and took the lead already during the first period thanks to Florian Blatter and Lee Jinman. During the second and third period then, Reto Von Arx and Michel Riesen set the 4-1 final score in Davos’ favour.

Let’s watch the game’s highlights…

LINK – SPORT DERNIÈRE 14.03.2009, game highlights

And the stats…


To note that finally Davos won 4-3 the series… the Ibexes made it therefore to the final and were crowned Swiss Champions as they defeated Kloten 4-3!

That was a while ago… In comparison, tonight’s game risks being terribly sad. Yet, enjoy it guys, because then it will be a long wait until September before we can enjoy some more ice hockey!

Good luck 🙂

P.S. we propose you Pierre Shouwey’s tweet… for trivia’s lovers like us, you’d probably like to know that on March 9th, 2009, Gottéron won against the ZSC Lions and earned the semifinals. Right, on March 9th… that is, the exact same day last week when the Dragons travelled to Zürich to play the meaningless game-1 of the Ranking Round…!