All goals are important. Some of them, however, are more ideally important than others… we’re talking about the “game winning goals”. For those of you unaware, the game winning goals are the following:

In case of a 3-2 final score, the goal nr. 3 is the game winning goal

In case of a 5-2 final score, the goal nr. 3 is the game winning goal

In case of a shootouts win, no game winning goal is awarded

Well, the Regular Season is over and we want to discover who are the players with the greater number of game winning goals. Actually, we want to do even more than that… we also want to discover who tallied the greater number of “game winning points”. In other words, we add the assists (also the secondary ones) that led to the game winning goals and so we got the “game winning points” figure.

Let’s start with the game winning goals though.






TOP 10 – Game winning goals

Mark Arcobello of Bern is the one who scored most game winning goals! It’s no surprise… we’re talking about a top class player who’s always in the right place at the right time, after all. Even when his performances are not top notch, he can score points.

It’s then interesting to see Andrey Bykov of Fribourg Gottéron second placed. The Dragons’ forward must have set some sort of record… this season in fact, he scored 6 goals in total. All of them, but all of them, turned out to be game winning goals!

Among the top 10 players finally we see the usual names… let’s see how things change if we calculate also the “game winning assists” to have the figure of the “game winning points”.

TOP 10 – Game winning points

Mark Arcobello of Bern is just outstanding. When it comes to points scored, it’s safe to say that he’s the most decisive – and incisive – player of the league.

With 10 game winning points instead, we find the two precious gems of Ambrì-Piotta Dominik Kubalik and Dominic Zwerger together with Dustin Jeffrey and… Santeri Alatalo! Zug’s defenseman tallied 23 points this season and therefore broke his previous personal record. What’s impressive though, is that 10 of his 23 points were game winning points. That’s outstanding!

Then, sevel players follow with 9 game winning points. Including, Tristan Scherwey… he’s another player that when he makes it into the scoresheet, his points are oftentime decisive ones.

Finally, we present you the TOP 3 for game winning points of the 12 National League’s teams. Few figures are particularly interesting… see you soon guys 🙂

(in brackets, the percentage of the game winning points of the total points scored this season by the player)


15 points – Mark Arcobello (28.3%)

9 points – Simon Moser (25.0%)

9 points – Tristan Scherwey (32.1%)


10 points – Santeri Alatalo (43.5%)

9 points – Garrett Roe (29.0%)

9 points – Lino Martschini (20.5%)


10 points – Dustin Jeffrey (21.7%)

8 points – Ronalds Kenins (27.6%)

6 points – Joël Vermin (17.1%)

6 points – Christoph Bertschy (18.2%)


9 points – Damien Brunner (24.3%)

7 points – Toni Rajala (14.6%)

6 points – Robbie Earl (25.0%)


10 points – Dominik Kubalik (17.5%)

10 points – Dominic Zwerger (23.8%)

7 points – Marco Müller (20.0%)


8 points – Eero Elo (29.6%)

8 points – Chris DiDomenico (17.4%)

6 points – Andrea Glauser (35.3%)


8 points – Romain Loeffel (25.0%)

7 points – Gregory Hofmann (13.7%)

6 points – Dario Bürgler (25.0%)


9 points – Tanner Richard (25.0%)

5 points – Cody Almond (17.2%)

5 points – Daniel Winnik (16.1%)


9 points – Killian Mottet (29.0%)

8 points – Andrey Bykov (30.8%)

6 points – Julien Sprunger (15.8%)

6 points – Andrew Miller (22.2%)


7 points – Pius Suter (29.2%)

6 points – Denis Hollenstein (18.2%)

5 points – Maxim Noreau, Jérôme Bachofner, Kevin Klein, Simon Bodenmann


5 points – Inti Pestoni (17.9%)

4 points – Andres Ambühl (14.3%)

4 points – Perttu Lindgren (13.3%)


5 points – Casey Wellmann (19.2%)

2 points – Steve Mason, Roman Schlagenhauf, Danny Kristo, Kevin Clark, Dion Knelsen, Corsin Casutt