Monday, March 9th, 2019… at les Vernets, Genève Servette and ZSC Lions face each other in a game that can be considered some sort of “playoffs game-7 of the 1/8 finals”. It’s gonna be the last game of the Regular Season and, whoever wins before the overtime period, will make the playoffs. Point. What about that to amp up excitement on the eve of the post-season?!

Then again, it’s fair to say that the Lions need only 1 point… yet, it would be extremely dangerous to think this way.

The question is: who’s going to make the playoffs?!


Genève Servette and ZSC Lions face each other for the fourth and last time this season. Let’s have a look at the previous results and we discover that…

28.09.18Genève Servette HC – ZSC Lions 2-1

08.12.18 – ZSC Lions – Genève Servette HC 0-2

12.12.19 – ZSC Lions – Genève Servette HC 1-4

We discover that there was no deal to make for the Lions of Zürich against the Eagles! McSorley’s troops in fact won 3 times out of 3 and therefore proved to feel quite comfortable against this opponent. In fact, Zürich are the only opponent against whom Genève Servette are still undefeated this season… is this an advantage? Yes and no. On one hand, the previous results can turn out to be a confidence booster for Servette. On the other one, however, you must erase the past because this game will be different from all the others.



Genève Servette are reborn and have been putting an out of the ordinary team and fighting spirit on display lately. The Eagles were literally up against the wall but were able, somehow, to gift themselves with the chance to make the playoffs until the last game of the Regular Season thanks to the 3 wins earned in the last 4 games.


The team

Genève Servette had to deal with countless injuries throughout the whole season. Most of the time, coach Chris McSorley had to make a virtue of necessity. One way or another, however, the players have always been united and the last two consecutive wins were a huge confidence booster. It’s true that this or that player can make the difference on their own, see players like Tömmernes and Richard… it’s safe to say, however, that Genève Servette have only one way to win this game, that is to play as a Team. In every way.


To play at home

That seems paradoxical but… Genève Servette, who’ve been among the teams with the best home record of the league until January, have been struggling a lot when they played at les Vernets lately. Before the home win earned against Bienne on Saturday night in fact, Chris McSorley’s troops had lost 5 consecutive games at home.


John Fritsche

Of course we don’t forget Tömmernes and Richard. In our opinion, however, John Fritsche is the image of the team of these last few games. He fights hard, he’s so darn committed and he tries to go beyond his own limits. He’s an example to follow and also a player who’s been able to score important points lately.


The real question should be: why shouldn’t they? Genève Servette have two great trump cards. The first one: they’re improving. The 3 wins earned in the last 4 games were a great confidence booster after a dark period. We mean, they’re in a positive trend. The second one: somehow, they’ve got nothing to lose. Earlier last week most people thought that the Eagles were out of the playoffs picture… and instead, they’ve been able to fight their way back and to gift themselves with this huge game to play in front of their own fans!



The ZSC Lions won against Rapperswil at home on Saturday night but overall won only 4 of their last 11 games. The reigning champions are capable of everything and its opposite… they’re able to deliver great performances just like they’re able to deliver almost embarassing ones. We mean, Arno Del Curto’s troops are unreadable on their own way.


The talent

The talent, one way or another, pays off. Point. It’s pointless to name names because we all know the players who are part of the ZSC Lions’ roster… Zürich were build to win and have all it takes – on paper… – to do it. The players and the coach, moreover, have enough experience to handle such a delicate game like the one scheduled for Monday night at les Vernets.


The pressure

As we said, Zürich were build to win… at this very time, however, they don’t even know if they have the chance to fight for the title. Maybe no one had thought that this last game in Genève would have been the decisive one. The fans would say that this season is a failed one if the team doesn’t make the playoffs… we mean, this last game is some sort of “save the Lions’ season” and the pressure is extremely high. Then again, if the Lions make the playoffs… we’re pretty sure no one wants to face them.


Roman Cervenka

Roman Cervenka missed good part of the Regular Season because he got injured therefore his performances can’t be top notch just yet. However, he scores and he helps his teammates score. At this time, the ZSC Lions desperately need goals and the Czech forward can help a lot like he’s been doing recently. Then sure, even Patrick Geering plays a crucial role… even if only because he can show what does to play for Zürich really means!


Because this team is good enough and has all it takes to make it. Point. The Regular Season almost went south… but the Lions are experienced, they have a winning mindset and they have talent. All these factors are useful to win games like the one to be played in Genève. Moreover, all these factors can make the Lions a real loose cannon in the upcoming playoffs. We mean, there is still time for Zürich to save their season… do you really think they want to waste it?

Well, what else can we say?! The game scheduled at les Vernets promises to be pure entertainment. Pure adrenalin. Pure emotions! We can’t wait for that darn first puck drop… and at this point, we’re pretty sure that the players can’t wait as well to hit the ice and to settle things once for all.

Good luck, Eagles and Lions!