HC Ambrì-Piotta – EHC Biel-Bienne 1-3 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!


HC Ambrì-Piotta – EHC Biel-Bienne 1-3

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Nope, there is no deal to make for Ambrì-Piotta when it comes to face Bienne. The Seeländers in fact, earned a 3-1 away win at the Valascia and therefore defeated for the fourth time out of four this season the Leventinesi.

It was a crucial win for Bienne. A win earned thanks to a very clever performance. Antti Törmänen’s troops in fact, handled well the situation during which Ambrì-Piotta pushed forward – especially during the early stages of the first and the second period of play – and were then able to exploit the key moments of the game to earn 3 well-deserved points.

Let’s take the first period fo example. The hosts got off to a decent start… but then Bienne scored the first goal of the night with Marco Pedretti after 15 minutes and 35 seconds of play. What about the second period? Same story… the Leventinesi got off to a decent start but then the Seeländers grew as the game went on and took a 2-goals lead thanks to Anssi Salmela already before the half-an-hour mark.

During the third period then, Ambrì-Piotta immediately made it a brand new game with Dominik Kubalik… but the Seeländers once again grew as the game went on. They handled the situation perfectly and finally set the 1-3 final score with Mike Künzle at 2 minutes and a half to the end.


Robbie Earl (EHC Biel-Bienne)

Robbie Earl put a lot of intensity and energy into the game and was crucial also in the defensive zone!