Lausanne and Fribourg Gottéron will face each other this Friday, February 15th, for a game that puts very important points at stake. And it’s not gonna be the first time these two teams face each other on February 15th… it happened also exactly 14 years ago, on February 15th, 2004. How did it go?

Well, let’s start by saying that “it didn’t go”… that’s because that game was interrupted after two periods of play and Fribourg Gottéron were awarded a 5-0 forfait win.

That’s because the ice at the Patinoire de Malley wasn’t safe enough in the neutral zone. Why?! Because the Vaudois – in order to give more visibility to the sponsor’s name on the ice in the center ice faceoff spot and circle – reduced the depth of the ice from 45 to 26mm. The ice therefore had problems and after 2 periods of play the ref Stephane Rochette called off the game for safety reasons.

We mean, it’s good omen for Fribourg Gottéron to play Lausanne on February 15th

But that’s not the only reason… but it’s also good omen because, until the second break, the Dragons were winning 4-3!


15.02.2005 – Lausanne HC – HC Fribourg Gottéron 3-4 (0-5 forfait)

The two teams went to the first break level on the score 1-1. Martin St. Louis gave the lead to the Lions Vaudois and Geoffrey Vauclair equalized for Gottéron. During the central period then, firstly Eric Landry restored the hosts lead but then Trevor Letowski and Philippe Marquis turned the score around and put the visitors 3-2 ahead. That game was a bit of a crazy one… during the final stages of the central period in fact, Lausanne equalized thanks to Andy Roach but finally Richard Lintner scored the 4th goal for Fribourg.

3-4 then the score at the second break. Even though after that, as we said, the game was interrupted and Fribourg Gottéron were awarded a 5-0 forfait win.


Only a few days ago, on Sunday February 10th 2019, something happened. Something that at this point looks “mystic”… Fribourg Gottéron hosted Rapperswil (1-4 the final score) and almost the same thing happened at the BCF Arena… after the second break in fact, the two teams had to wait for a long while before playing the third period. That’s because there was a problem with the ice in Fribourg…

Well, seriously… that’s mystic, guys!

We’re pretty sure that there won’t be any problems with the ice at the Malley 2.0 this Friday. Lausanne and Fribourg face each other and it’s a very important game that puts at stake very important points.

Having said that, and going back to the 2004-05 season… well, that was a season that probably both teams want to forget. Lausanne and Fribourg in fact, both missed the playoffs and faced each other during the playouts final. Moreover, the Lions Vaudois got relegated since they lost the League Qualification series against Basel…

Things heated up quite a bit during playout final though… as you can see in the following videos.

Le juge refuse de suspendre les play-out entre Lausanne HC et Fribourg-Gottéron

Hockey: match tendu entre Fribourg-Gottéron et le HC Lausanne

Hockey sur glace, Play-outs : Fribourg-Gottéron s’impose à Lausanne

In the end, Fribourg Gottéron won the playout final 4-1 overall. The last game played on March 24th, 2005, ended with a win 5-2 win for the Dragons at the Patinoire St. Leonard. The scorers for the hosts were Julien Sprunger, Mark Mowers (2), Trevor Letowski and Benjamin Plüss.

This season instead, both Lausanne and Fribourg are not risking anything like that. But this Friday’s game put very important points at stake. Who will earn them?! We’ll have the answers at about 10pm…

Good luck Lions Vaudois and Dragons!