There is a better way, instead of the points scored, to understand which players – in terms of points – are the most effective. We’re talking about the statistic “Points per 60 minutes”.

It’s a stat that says to us how many points players score every 60 minutes they’re on ice.

It’s a stat that we proposed you already in the past. Right now, however, thanks to the fantastic site , we can be even more detailed.

Therefore, we propose you the following tables:

Top 10 scorers – Points per 60 minutes TOTAL

Top 10 scorers – Points per 60 minutes EQ (5 vs 5)

Top 10 scorers – Points per 60 minutes PP (power-play)

Finally, we’ll show you the top 3 leading scorers per “points per 60 minutes total” for each of the 12 NLA teams.

Criteria: we took into consideration only players with an above 300 minutes of time on ice!

Top 10 scorers

Points per 60 minutes total


There is a lot of… “Ticino” in this table.

First of all, Linus Klasen of HC Lugano stands out. The top class Swedish is coming off a complicated period because of problems on and off the ice. However, during the last couple of weeks and more precisely after that he had played the Spengler Cup with Davos, he could finally play regularly and the performances are there for everyone to see. He’s improving each passing game. Linus is back being that “pure class” player we all know.

Dominik Kubalik of Ambrì-Piotta instead is second placed. He’s arguably the best import player of the league and also this figure is a proof. The 23 years old Czech, who’s now part of the Chicago Blackhawks organization, is that kind of a player we rarely see in Switzerland.

Finally Lino Martschini is third placed. Zug are having a hell of a season – they even won the Swiss Cup – and their roster is full of top class players. Yet, when it comes to “points”, Lino Martschini always confirms to be among the most effective players of the league.

It’s interesting to note that in this table Zug are represented by 3 players. Ambrì-Piotta and Lugano by 2 players. While the only other represented teams are Bienne, Lausanne and Genève Servette with 1 player each.

There are no players of the current runners up Bern.

Top 10 scorers

Points per 60 minutes EQ (5 vs 5)


Here things are slightly different. Ambrì-Piotta (3 players!) and Bienne are the most represented teams.

Dominik Kubalik is at the top of this table. Nothing new, one could say. Second placed instead is Marco Müller! The young forward of the Leventinesi – former Bern – is improving so much. He’s becoming increasingly a “five-tool player” and he’s showing some great personality too. He has extended his contract with Ambrì-Piotta recently… the fans are over the moon for this!

Third placed is the future “Bull” Gregory Hofmann. He’s one of the most impressive forwards of the league. Oftentimes he’s devastating in the offensive zone and his speed is impressive. He’s not immune from error… but when it comes to score points, he’s second to no one in Switzerland.

Andrew Miller and Toni Rajala then follow fourth placed. The Dragons forward has improved a lot lately and is turning out to be a precious player. Moreover, Gottéron are one of the best teams of the league during 5 vs 5 situations… Toni “on fire” Rajala for his part is a player we all know by now. He’s top class, it’s as simple as that!

Curiously enough, two “Bears” are closing the top 10… the player of Bern who makes it the most into the scoresheet during 5 vs 5 situation is Tristan Scherwey.

Top 10 scorers

Points per 60 minutes EQ (5 vs 5)

(minimum 100 minutes Time on Ice)


Zug have the best power-play efficiency of the NLA… and two players represent them in this table. We’re talking about Lino Martschini and Raphael Diaz.

Genève Servette are the second best team when it comes to power-play efficiency… but there are no players in this table.

The most prolific NLA player during power-play situation is Chris DiDomenico of Langnau! It’s not a real surprise… Chris is an excellent player and a leader capable of making the difference at the key moments. And power-plays, oftentimes, are a key moment.

Second placed is Dustin Jeffrey of Lausanne. Namely, one of the most complete and decisive import players of the league. Also during power-play situations, ça va sans dire.

Finally, it’s interesting to see Anthony Huguenin of Langnau 4th placed! The 27 years old defenseman is having the best season of his life in terms of points… he has scored a total of 20 points so far, of which 15 during power-play situations.

To conclude, as promised, here are the 3 best players for “points per 60 minutes total” for each team. Teams are ranked by their current table position.


2.86 – Lino Martschini

3.14 – Garrett Roe

3.05 – David McIntyre


2.63 – Mark Arcobello

2.50 – Tristan Scherwey

2.33 – Gaëtan Haas


2.63 – Harri Pesonen

2.61 – Chris DiDomenico

2.06 – Aaron Gagnon


2.97 – Dustin Jeffrey

2.40 – Yannick Herren

2.35 – Jonas Junland


3.10 – Toni Rajala

2.90 – Damien Brunner

2.51 – Marc-Antoine Pouliot


3.65 – Dominik Kubalik

3.12 – Dominic Zwerger

2.51 – Marco Müller


2.33 – Denis Hollenstein

2.12 – Fredrik Pettersson

2.04 – Simon Bodenmann


2.86 – Julien Sprunger

2.80 – Andrew Miller

2.48 – Jacob Micflikier


2.96 – Tommy Wingels

2.30 – Cody Almond

2.20 – Daniel Winnik


3.72 – Linus Klasen

3.10 – Gregory Hofmann

2.48 – Luca Fazzini


2.08 – Inti Pestoni

2.00 – Perttu Lindgren

1.69 – Marc Wieser


1.96 – Casey Wellmann

1.91 – Danny Kristo

1.24 – Dion Knelsen