Tristan Scherwey… you either love him or “hate” him. Or rather, he’s that kind of a player that you love if he’s playing for your team while you can barely stand when he’s playing against you as an opponent.

But he’s also that kind of a player every coach would like to have on his team!

Tristan has recently extended his contract with Bern to the end of the 2026-27 season and it’s therefore very likely that he will end his career wearing the jersey of the Mutzen. In other words, in the NLA, Scherwey will play for no other club than Bern.

As a youth instead, Tristan grew in the organization of Fribourg Gottéron. Where he played also during the 2006-07 at the Novizen level alongside other players who made it to professionalism… we’re talking about Killian Mottet – still a Dragon – and Romain Loeffel who’s currently playing for HC Lugano.

During the same season, moreover, he made his debute at the Elite Jr. level and played alongside other players who are quite famous in Switzerland… namely Joël Genazzi (currently at Lausanne), Andrey Bykov (currently at Fribourg Gottéron) and Adrien Lauper (Ambrì-Piotta).

Starting from the following season then – 2007-08 – Tristan Scherwey transferred to Bern.

During the 2007-08 season he played both with the Novizen and the Elite Jr. of the Mutzen alongside players such as Joël Vermin (Lausanne), Alain Berger (still at Bern), Jérémie Kamerzin (still a Bear) and Etienne Froideveaux (Lausanne).

During the 2008-09 season instead, Tristan played with the Jr. Elite of Bern but also made his debut as a professional with Neuchâtel (NLB). As a professional, he scored his first goal on December 13th, 2008, in Porrentruy. On that day the hosts Ajoie earned a 5-3 home win against Neuchâtel and Tristan Scherwey scored the third goal for the visitors assisted by Pavel Wostrark.

Then finally came the 2009-10 season… Tristan Scherwey started that season with the Elite Jr. of Bern but then, on September 19th, 2009, Larry Huras called him and Tristan made his NLA debut! That night, Bern hosted Ambrì-Piotta and won 2-0 thanks to the goals scored by Martin Plüss and Roman Josi.

It didn’t take long to Scherwey to score his first NLA point. In fact, it took him a couple of weeks… on October 6th, 2009, in fact, at the PostFinance Arena, Tristan Scherwey scored twice in the 5-1 win for the Mutzen against… his former youth club Fribourg Gottéron!

Martin Plüss (2) and Roman Josi scored the other goals for the hosts that night while Benny Plüss scored the only one for the Dragons.


The whole story started then during the 2009-10 season, a season that ended with Bern crowned Swiss Champions at the end of an exciting 7-games final series against Genève Servette!

Tristan has been crowned 4 times Swiss Champion with Bern so far. Without forgetting a Swiss Cup. And he always played a leading role.

Right, because Tristan Scherwey is an excellent player! He’s not a scoring machine… but nevertheless he can make it to the scoresheet regularly and mostly at key moments.

Most and above all, however, Tristan is pure energy. He’s very fast and even though he’s not a giant (176cm) he can play a strong physical game. He’s that kind of a player that thanks to his “agitating” style – at times even provocative and let’s face it, almost nasty – is able to change the momentum of key games on his own.

Moreover, he’s very smart. He rarely underperforms. And let us not forget that thanks to his grit and dedication to the cause, he’s rarely injured.

All these qualites earned him also many calls – over 50 – with the Swiss National team. Where by the way, he even won – by playing a leading role – the fantastic silver medal back in May 2018 in Sweden.

Tristan Scherwey is a precious, ductile and useful player. A player each coach would want on his team. A player that in Bern fans can still enjoy for many many years… Tristan is only 27, after all. And he still got time to write history as a Bear!


Updated 11.02.2019