There are fewer and fewer Regular Season’s games left to play… the playoffs are approaching and there are still 8 teams who are fighting for 6 playoffs spots.

From now on, playing with fire is no longer allowed. The teams have to be at their best if they want to make the playoffs. Their form must be decent to say the least. Right, the form… the impression we have from the outside is that almost every team darn struggle to be consistent. We wanted therefore to check the teams’ form – in terms of results – of their last 10 games played.

We present you the NLA table of the last 10 games.

Bern and Zug, who are the only two sides by now certain to make the playoffs and to finish the RS at the first two places, were the most in-form teams during the last 10 games. We mean, Mutzen and Bulls are not going to make anyone a pleasure…

The other teams instead are very close to each other. Considering, however, how tight the table is… also only few points can make a world of difference.

In this regard, Lausanne and Lugano are doing a good job. Genève Servette on the other hand, who are literally decimated because of injuries, look downhearted. Finally, Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and Davos’ figures are quite interesting… these two teams are by now certain to make the playouts and even to play the final of them. Yet, they’re stealing points here and there. This is something not to be underestimated.

The truth is, anyway, that anything can happen. Not even Langnau, Lausanne and Bienne are safe… even if only because they played a game more compared to Ambrì-Piotta, ZSC Lions and Lugano.

There are still 24 / 27 points at stake depending on the number of games teams have to play. There are still countless heads-to-heads to be played. There are also games that the 8 teams involved in the playoffs battle have to play against Bern, Zug, Davos and Rapperswil. The latter four teams – as we could see this last Sunday in Fribourg… – are real loose cannons who can steal points.

Under these circumstanes though, we wanted to make some sort of meaningless little game. That is, we wanted to do the Regular Season table prediction. We took into consideration the teams’ current points to which we added the points on average earned during the last 10 games in order to have a prediction of how the Regular Season’s table will look like after 50 games.

There is nothing scientific here but we wanted to do this prediction only out of curiosity. And then… here is how the Regular Season table will look like after 50 games if the teams keep their form of their last 10 games…

Bern would be the league leaders while Zug would finish second placed. The team that would miss the playoffs are – other than Davos and Rapperswil – Fribourg Gottéron and Genève Servette. It would be a huge blow for the Dragons… based on the prediction in fact, they will finish tied with the ZSC Lions. The Lions, however, won 3 of the 4 games against Fribourg this season and therefore would make the playoffs.

Here is how the quarterfinals series would look like:

SC Bern – ZSC Lions

EV Zug – HC Ambrì-Piotta

SCL Tigers – HC Lugano

EHC Biel-Bienne – Lausanne HC

Remember though, this was only a meaningless little game. If we are to talk about facts… well, we invite you to follow us during this exciting last part of the season.

Good luck to all the teams!