18th Week – 04.02.2019 – 10.02.2019

Let’s see our Top & Flop of the week!


Langnau won again two games this last week – firstly they earned a 5-3 win in Genève and then a 5-4 overtime home win against Davos – and therefore made a further step towards the first playoffs since 2011…

The Tigers never cease to amaze and extened their winning run to 4-games in this crucial time of the season!

Langnau have it all. Recently they’ve been very solid… This last week instead, defensive solidity was not at its best… moreover, Heinz Ehlers’ troops looked a bit distracted at times during both games played. And so, during the last 120 minutes and 24 seconds of play, they put another impressive skill on display… some real character!

Both in Genève and at the Ilfis against Davos, the Tigers risked losing the games. But they won. Deservedly so! They won thanks to two performances that weren’t perfect but made of strength of character. A character that allows them to be currently 3rd placed… which was something almost unthinkable on the eve of this season.

Right now, it’s crucial to keep a clear head and keep on working. Langnau are “only” 9 points clear of the current 9th placed Lugano, after all. And there are still 9 games left to play in this Regular Season.

Everything aside, however, this team is the perfect image of hard work and it’s writing a history! Right, because frankly speaking, we think that if the Tigers make the playoffs, they can even surprise few.

Heinz Ehlers’ troops in fact have all it takes to do well. They’re rock solid, resourceful (10 goals in the last 2 games… here’s to the people who call Ehlers a purely defensive minded coach), usually disciplined… and even proved to have some real character!

What a great job they’re doing. And now, people in the Emmental hope that the team can put the icing on the cake. For what we’ve all seen so far, they would deserve it.

Keep it up, Tigers!


Linus Klasen (HC Lugano)

Lugano earned a 3-0 win against Zug in their only game of the week. And it was arguably their best seasonal performance… The latter win was crucial for the Bianconeri who can now count again on “talent” and “skills”…

And when it comes to talent and skills, you can do anything but think about Linus Klasen. A player that has had several problems over the last two seasons… but a player whose talent is unquestionable. In fact, is one of these few players in Switzerland who’s really able to gift fans with moments of “magic hockey” that earn big rounds of applauses.

Right now it finally looks like he’s in good shape and can finally play with continuity. In Lugano fans are salivating! Also during the only game of last week, he confirmed all the recent improvements. Actually, he did even more… he showed a lot of commitment when he recovered a puck in the neutral zone to set up magically Alessio Bertaggia for the game winning goal.

We mean, Linus is pure class!

Benjamin Conz (HC Ambrì-Piotta)

Ambrì-Piotta played only one game this week. The one won with a footballing final score of 1-0 after overtime period against Genève Servette. A win that allows them to keep on following their playoffs dream.

Benjamin Conz played a key role in this game. He was like a wall in front of the net throughout the whole 60 minutes and 17 seconds of play!

Benjamin is playing a second season in Ambrì and is doing a strong job. Moreover, he improved a lot compared to the past and is now very consistent. In fact, his progression started already during last season’s playout final against Kloten when he was decisive.

He’s able to instil a lot of confidence to his teammates thanks to many key and big saves. This is something crucial for each team. We mean, surely in Ambrì they don’t have problems when it comes to goalies… even more so because the back up goalie is a certain Daniel Manzato, another one who can deliver excellent and solid performances!

Jarno Kärki (EHC Biel-Bienne)

There are those saying that it’s difficult to find a valuable import player at this time of the season… is this right?! Yes and no. We mean, it’s true that there is not much available out there. Yet, there is always the chance to find some precious gem. Just like Jarno Kärki, who has joined Bienne recently and has already shown what he’s capable of.

First of all he can create many scoring opportunities, he’s a shooting machine and he can even put the puck in the net. This is evidenced by the 3 goals he scored this last weekend. Morevoer, his physical play is optimal and therefore he’s a very valuable player in the slot. Without forgetting that, for what we’ve seen so far, he’s also a player who can contribute defensively.

We mean, it looks like Bienne hit the jackpot. Jarno Kärki could be one of these pieces that was missing in order to try and repeat – and maybe even improve – the excellent results of last season!


SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Rapperswil won in Fribourg and therefore earned their second away win of the season. After the victory earned in Genève back on early December, this time they won at the BCF Arena.

This win is such a confidence booster in view of the playout final. Right, because not only did Rapperswil won… mostly in fact, they delievered their best away performance of the season in our opinion! Jeff Tomlinson’s troops, especially during the first two periods of play, were rock solid in defense and cold-blooded in the offensive zone. During the third period then, they didn’t panic and took home a well-deserved win.

We mean… be careful everyone. Rapperswil aren’t dead!


Sandro Aeschlimann (EV Zug)

Tobias Stephan is currently unavailable but is irreplaceable. Yet, there is a back up goalie in Zug who’s making a name for himself… we’re talking about Sandro Aeschlimann!

The 24 years old goalie who joined Zug in 2016 after three seasons spent overseas playing for the Springfield Jr. Blues, the Dells Ducks and the Elmira College, will continue his season in Davos starting from next season. Right now though, he’s showing great personality and is replacing Tobias Stephan very well.

He’s still got room for improvement, especially whent it comes to blocking pucks without conceding rebounds. But guys, Sandro has got what it takes to do very well!

As we said, he will continue his career in Davos… in Zug, on the other hand, there is already another precious jem who’s making a name for himself and that will probably be Leonardo Genoni’s back up next season. We’re talking about Luca Hollenstein, who did wonders during the last U20 World Ice Hockey Championships! We mean, the Swiss Centrals are working very well…


Dominic Buchli (HC Davos)

Dominic Buchli collected his 19th NLA appearance on Saturday night in Langnau… and he scored his first NLA point! He scored the 2nd goal for Davos at the Ilfishalle.

Dominic is a 20 years old talented defenseman. Last season he was the Elite Jr. A Captain in Davos while this season he’s playing both with the Ibexes and the Ticino Rockets in the NLB. He’s got room for improvement but he’s just broken the ice in Langnau…

Well done dude!


Genève Servette HC

Genève Servette lost their two games of the week – firstly at home 3-5 against Langnau and then 0-1 after overtime in Ambrì – and therefore their chances to make the playoffs decreased.

We must make a premise: the Eagles haven’t underperformed during these last two games. The truth is, however, that they’ve lost two games that shouldn’t have lost.

All is not lost right now, mind you. The next future looks terrible though… McSorley’s troops will play 4 of their next 5 games away from home. Three of them are gonna be tough away games in Zürich, Lugano and Bern. We mean, as we said, the two games of this last week against Langnau and Ambrì-Piotta were very important.

Moreover, not only did Genève Servette lost the games… but they also keep on losing pieces. Berthon, Rod and Winnik got injured at the Valascia. All this, confirmed once again that the Eagles are having some real unfortunate season. Or rather, an “injured” one…

It’s a pity because oftentimes the players’ attitude is great. It’s a pity, because this team has got the potential to make the playoffs. Still, it looks like everything is going south right at the key moment of the season…

Some real character is needed to make the playoffs. Therefore… up and at them, Eagles!