Zug earned a 5-1 win in Rapperswil and therefore won a trophy for the first time after 7’063 days!

From the Canadian coach Sean Simpson to the Norwegian coach Dan Tangnes. From Captain André Rötheli to Captain Raphael Diaz. From that 5-2 win earned on April 11th, 1998 in Davos to this 5-1 win earned today in Rapperswil. From the game winning goal scored by Misko Antisin back then to the game winning goal scored this Sunday by Dennis Everberg!

There are those who will dare say that this victory is nothing but a small consolation… but guys, any victory helps to build self-confidence! In this regard, this win was certainly a confidence booster for the Bulls.

A deserved win. A win basically sealed already in 17 minutes and 53 seconds… that is, the time it took Lino Martschini, Dennis Everberg and Dominic Lammer to put Zug 3-goals ahead.

The game then was quite balanced. Rapperswil regained some hope shortly after the half-an-hour mark when Kevin Clark was able to score their first goal of the night. This Sunday, however, it was Zug time. And so the Bulls set the 1-5 final score thanks to the goals scored by Reto Suri and Yannick-Lennart Albrecht (empty-net) during the final stages of the game.

Frankly speaking, Rapperswil were punished harshly. Jeff Tomlinson’s troops performance was quite generous throughout the whole game. We mean, the Lakers, who were clearly the underdogs for this game, left the ice with their heads held high.

Just like their fans… who never stopped supporting their heroes!

Then again, this was Zug day! Finally the Swiss Centrals could celebrate a title again and the hope is that this win is gonna be the first one of many others.

A long-awaited win. As we said, the last one went back to 7’063 days ago. It has seemed an eternity since André Rötheli lifted the Swiss Champions trophy in Davos… when players such as Ronnie Rüeger, Dino Kessler, Patrick Sutter, Misko Antisin, Wes Wals, Bill McDougall and Chris Lindberg – among others – were the team’s leaders.

Today the leaders are different players. We don’t want to devalue any of them. However, we want to talk about Dan Tangnes. He’s a coach that many didn’t know before this season. Yet, it took him no time to make a name for himself and help the club to win a title after over 20 years of wait.

This win is the reward for the strong job the club has done over the years. This win put to an end some sort of “curse”. This win must be celebrated!

And for those who will dare say that… “who cares, this is only the Swiss Cup”… well, go and watch the celebrations after the game.

Congrats, Bulls!