This Sunday – February 3rd, 2019 – it’s Swiss Cup Final day. Rapperswil and Zug will face each other!

There are those saying that the Swiss Cup is a meaningless and boring competition. There are those instead – including us – saying that the Swiss Cup is a competition to saveguard.

Yet, let’s don’t beat around the bush… right now it’s a competition that, as currently structured, is not very interesting. The fans, perhaps excluding the ones of NLB and lower tiers teams, are not very interested. Then why can’t we change something?

Here are our four proposal to make the Swiss Cup more attractive.


Let’s start from the final stage, that is the final… In our opinion, it could be interesting to cancel the semifinals and the final and replace them with a “Final Four” to be organized in a single location over the arc of a week-end. And again… in this regard…


What about a “Winter Classic Final Four”? That is, a final four organized open air. Such an event would be hightly attractive for the fans. Moreover, the four teams involved would gain a lot in terms of visibility. Without forgetting that an open air “Final Four” could make the Swiss Cup more coveted for the teams. Finally, even though we’re not financial experts, we assume that such an event could be more attractive for sponsors. It would be some sort of Swiss Hockey party! Possibly not to be organized in a football stadium but rather in a temporary outdoor structure.


The Champions Hockey League wants to grow. The Swiss Cup wants to grow. What about the Swiss Cup winners will play the Champions Hockey League the next season? Playing in Europe doesn’t make you rich or anything like that… yet, the visibility is decent and it’s a great experience.


In our opinion, it would be appropriate to change one rule. That is… all the teams should play with no more than two import players. There is already a world of difference between NLA and NLB teams… if to this we add that NLA teams can play with all their import players while the NLB teams can count only on their two… well, it’s not fair. Also during the League Qualification series NLA teams can play with only three import players. Why not apply the same rule also during the Swiss Cup? Or even better, only two import players for every team.

These were our four ideas to make the Swiss Cup more attractive and spectacular! And you, what is your opinion?

Then again, if you’re among those who would cancel this competition… certainly this article doesn’t make you change your mind 🙂

Damiano Cansani, Barbara Kurdziel