Do you know that kind of a situation when your heart is telling your something while your brain suggests that you should be more reasonable and pragmatic?

We’re two sport passionate but it’s time to listen to our heads. That is, to take a step back. Starting from now, we won’t follow football and the Raiffeisen Super League anymore but we will focus only on ice hockey. The latter sport will be covered more in-depth in every way.

This is our decision. We’re really sorry for those of you who were following us for football. The truth is, however, that only 10% of our total page views concerned football. This was confirmed also by a survey we have done recently.

We thank these 10% of people so much, but we must abdicate.

We will continue to follow football privately only. In this regard, we wish all the teams, players and fans all the best for the second part of the season!

Over the next couple of weeks the blog will be renewed and refreshed. Follow us and we’ll discover all the new features together. Everything will be ready before the playoffs start… and it will be a period during which we’ll be literally “on fire”!

We’re trying everything to offer you a different kind of a blog. A positive, personal and especially a sporty one!

And for all of you ice hockey passionate… we’ll do our best. We will get on our game!

See you soon guys,

Damiano Cansani, Barbara Kurdziel