The National League is already back!

Let’s get down to the details of tonight’s games.

SC Bern – EV Zug

Bern and Zug face each other for the third time this season and so far there was no deal to make for the Bulls… the Mutzen in fact, won both two previous seasonal heads to heads. Firstly they prevailed 3-0 at home and then 4-3 away.

Kari Jalonen’s troops are coming off the 1-0 away win earned last night in Davos and extended to 5-games their winning run. Bern are so darn rock solid… this is evidenced by the fact that they conceded only 2 goals in their last 5 games (3 shutouts!). The Bulls for their part earned a very well deserved 4-2 home win last night against Lausanne and won 4 of their last 5 games. To note, however, that they lost their last 2 away games in Langnau and Genève.

Anyway… tonight, at the PostFinance Arena, the first and the second face each other. What else could you want more?!

EHC Biel-Bienne – HC Ambrì-Piotta

Bienne and Ambrì-Piotta face each other for the third time this season and so far there was no deal to make for the Leventinesi… the Seeländers in fact, won both two previous seasonal heads to heads. Firstly they prevailed 5-1 away and then 6-0 at home!

Antti Törmänen’s troops, however, are going through some rough patch in terms of results. Last night in Langnau, after a decent first period, they collapsed and lost 4-0. Bienne lost their last 3 games and lost 4 of their last 5. We mean, it’s time to get back to winning ways. Ambrì-Piotta for their part are on fire… last night they could rest and they won their last game against Langnau 5-2 last saturday. Luca Cereda’s troops are in a great shape and won 5 of their last 7 games.

HC Fribourg Gottéron – SCL Tigers

Fribourg Gottéron and Langnau face each other for the third time this season and for the first time after that impressive 10-3 win for the Dragons that dates back to last november 17. To note, that Fribourg won also the first seasonal head to head against the Tigers at the Ilfishalle.

Mark French’s troops are coming off two consecutive wins and this is something that hasn’t happened since mid-november and right that ominous (with hindsight…) 10-3 win earned against Langnau. The team looked better in recent games though. Langnau for their part won last night 4-0 against Bienne at the Ilfishalle but overall, even though their performances are good most of the times, they won only 2 of their last 5 games.

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Lugano

Rapperswil and Lugano face each other for the third time this season. The two teams won one game each against each other… the Bianconeri won 6-0 at the Cornèr Arena while the Lakers won 6-3 at the St. Galler Kantonalbank.

Jeff Tomlinson’s troops are coming off the decent performance delivered last night in Genève (2-3 overtime defeat) that, however, wasn’t enough to avoid an 8th consecutive loss. All the steakes must come to an end though… will they get back to winning ways tonight? The opponents are the nervous and downhearted Bianconeri. Lugano lost 1-3 last night against the ZSC Lions and extended to 4-games their losing streak. Most and above all, however, they’re 8 points behind the 8th placed on the table. Nothing is compromised… but a breakthrough is needed. Immediately.

Lausanne HC – Genève Servette HC

Lausanne and Genève Servette face each other tonight for the sixth and last time in this Regular Season! The Lions Vaudois won 3 times while the Eagles won 2…

Ville Peltonen’s troops, however, underperformed last night in Zug and suffered a 2-4 defeat (but the final score could have been much higher). Lausanne have a very easy to read trend in terms of results… they lost their last 7 away games but they won 10 of their last 11 home games (including the last 5 narrow). Will they be able to extend their positive run at the Malley 2.0? It’s not gonna be easy. Genève Servette’s last night performance against Rapperswil (3-2 overtime win) was not their best one of the season… yet, it was enough to extend to 3-games their winning run. Chris McSorley’s troops, moreover, won 6 of their last 7. We mean, overall, they’re in a great shape!

It’s gonna be a real tough derby!

Good luck to all the teams. And you guys, as usual, have fun!