In the end… a very well deserved 4-2 win for Zug against Lausanne!


EV Zug – Lausanne HC 4-2

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Zug earned a very well deserved 4-2 win against Lausanne at the end of a quite strange game…

The Bulls literally outplayed the Lions Vaudois during the first half-an-hour of the game. During this period of time, however, they were able to score only one goal with Sven Senteler 5 minutes and 50 seconds after the first puck drop. Not enough.

Then, in fact in the 30th minute of play, Lausanne were able to equalize thanks to Cory Emmerton a bit out of nowhere… and for the rest of the central period, the game changed completely. Finally Ville Peltonen’s troops started to play some hockey and took amazingly the lead thanks to Christoph Bertschy in the 36th minute!

It could have been a huge blow for the hosts… but instead, Zug came back after the second break with every intention to earn the 3 points. And in the end, they did it. The third period of play became once again some sort of “EV Zug vs Sandro Zurkirchen” and it was therefore not an accident that Raphael Diaz, Garrett Roe and Reto Suri earned a 4-2 win for the Bulls!


Garrett Roe (EV Zug)

Garrett Roe was a constant threat for the defense of Lausanne!