Daniel Vukovic is not that kind of a player that makes it to the headlines every day. In fact, almost whoever doesn’t follow Genève Servette constantly, underestimate him. Wrongly so.

Do you want to get to know him better with us?

Daniel was born on February 19, 1986 in North York (Ontario, Canada)… it’s a district of Toronto that gave birth also to a certain Sean Avery, a former NHL player knows for his “agitating” playing style… and a district that also gave birth to a player who came for a while in Switzerland. We’re talking about Chris Campoli who, between the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons, collected 18 appearances with EHC Biel-Bienne and Lugano.

Overseas, Vukovic played several seasons for the Michigan State University… more precisely, he was there between 2004 and 2008. Curiously enough, in Michigan, he was playing alongside Jim Slater (former Eagle and currently at Fribourg Gottéron) for one season and also alongside Bryan Lerg (currently at Ambrì-Piotta) for four seasons.

Daniel Vukovic then transferred to Switzerland on the eve of the 2008-09 season when he engaged with Genève Servette. Since dawn, he has showed off what he’s all about. A defensive defenseman. A player not immune from errors – no one is… – but surely a player that fits perfectly into Chris McSorley’s system of play.

By now, he’s part of the furniture at “les Vernets” and he’s playing his fifth consecutive season as assistant captain.

Maybe you don’t see him much on the ice… he’s never been a scorer or a sniper (95 points in 546 NLA games) nor he’s ever been one of these players who gift the fans with moments of magic hockey. Yet, he’s solid. So darn rock solid!

Moreover, regardless of the team’s results, Daniel has a positive “+/-“ during the Regular Season for the sixth consecutive season. It’s not an accident.

Chris McSorley counts a lot on what Daniel Vukovic brings in. Especially during shorthanded situations. In fact, Daniel is a master penalty killer and not for nothing he has got the highest time on ice during these situations.

In our opinion, Daniel Vukovic is among the most underestimated defensemen in Switzerland. We’re almost surprised he’s never got the chance to play for the National Team.

Frankly speaking, we’d always want a player like him in our team!

A team can’t be made only of extremely skilled players, technically speaking. A team needs also players like Daniel Vukovic. Players that are solid, they put their heart and soul into the games and never back off when it comes to block a shot.

And sice we’re talking about blocked shots… Daniel blocks tons of them. To date, he is the one with the highest number of blocked shots (65) of the National League. Last season – under Chris Woodcroft – he blocked a few less (50)… but the previous season – 2016-17, the first season with such statistic available in Switzerland – Daniel had blocked 100 shots!

We mean… poor his tibias! Daniel is the perfect image of “disregard for personal safety” ( 🙂 ) and dedication to the cause. Over the years then, he became also more disciplined. He’s a player that rarely makes it to the headlines… but he’s a player that helps others to make it to the front page.

Without forgetting – and this is very important for the fans of Genève Servette – that he’s got the “Grenat” colours in his heart!

We mean, do not underestimate this player… many teams could use him!