Lausanne made the difference as the game went on and won 5-3 against Davos!


Lausanne HC – HC Davos 5-3

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Lausanne earned a 5-3 home win against Davos and therefore confirmed to feel particularly at ease when they play at the Malley 2.0.

The Lions Vaudois’ performance, however, was seriously not top notch. In fact, they were able to make the difference only during the third period. It was enough though, to prevail against Davos who were willing but far from being outstanding.

The first two periods of play were not very emotional. Initially the hosts failed to score during two power-play situations and then Enzo Corvi – a bit out of nowhere – gave the lead to Davos. It could have been a blow for Ville Peltonen’s troops, but Lucas Frick equalized almost immediately and so the two teams went level on the score at the first break.

During the second period the Lions Vaudois – slightly – increased their level of play and this led to the well-deserved goal scored by Joël Vermin at about the half-an-hour mark. Once again, however, Ville Peltonen’s troops weren’t able to make the difference and so Davos equalized thanks to Thierry Bader.

We moved on to the third period then, during which finally Lausanne were able to make the difference. In a matter of 7 minutes and 26 seconds in fact, the hosts went 4-2 ahead thanks to Cory Emmerton and Ronalds Kenins and basically sealed the 3 points.

The visiting side were able to score a third goal only during the latest stages with Inti Pestoni but it was too late. Even more so because, only few seconds later, Joël Vermin set the 5-3 final score.


Joël Vermin (Lausanne HC)

Joël Vermin scored two goals but most and above all he gave it all during each single shift!