We were combing through some statistics and a data caught our eye. Langnau scored only 1 goal during the first 10 minutes of play in their last 21 games!

It happened back on November 17, 2018… when, by the way, the Tigers suffered a memorable 3-10 defeat against Fribourg Gottéron.

Curiously enough instead, Langnau scored 5 goals during the first 10 minutes of play in their first 9 games of the season.

Actually, it’s also fair to say that Heinz Ehlers troops conceded only 6 goals during the first 10 minutes of play in their last 21 games. While during their first 9 games of the season, they conceded only 1 goal during the first 10 minutes of play.

The data, however, inspired us with curiousity. We mean, we wanted to go deeper.

Therefore, let’s see the chart of the goals scored and conceded by Langnau over the arc of the 60 minutes of play.

This chart is quite interesting in our opinion. It shows how Langnau tend to struggle during the first periods of play. Then, however, they’re able to make the difference as the games go by.

Let’s see if this trend is confirmed also when it comes to shots on goal per period of play.

Also in this case, it’s quite evident that the Tigers are more dangerous as the games go by.

In view of these two charts, it’s safe to say that Heinz Ehlers troops:

Have some real character

They’re self-confident and rarely lose their cool when they are behind in the score


They have an excellent physical condition

These three factors are crucial and are one of the secrets behind the excellent season that the Emmental’s based side is having.

Moreover, they’re factors that bode very well for the near future.

In fact, there are 20 games left to the end of the Regular Season. Langnau are currently in a playoffs position but it’s still a long way to make it to the post-season. Heinz Ehlers troops never cease to amaze though… Let’s not forget that on the eve of this season, most people thought that the Tigers would fight shoulder to shoulder with Rapperswil to avoid the bottom of the table position.

Then again, when a team puts character, self-confidence, a very well organized hockey and a great shape on display… well, there are enough reasons to look to the future with optimism.

The most underestimated coach in Switzerland – Heinz Ehlers – was able to turn the “little Tigers” into “Ferocious Tigers”. Langnau, especially at home, were always a tough nut to crack, also in the past… there can be no denying, however, that this season the Tigers gained more respect.

The problem was (is?) that this team, one way or another, oftentimes went so close – and yet to far – to make the playoffs.

But what about this season, also in view of what we just saw, is finally THE ONE make the playoffs? With all due respect for each National League’s club… frankly speaking, the Tigers’ fans deserve this satisfaction!

Best wishes for the last part of the season, Tigers!