Yep, Gottéron feel at ease against Bienne this season!


EHC Biel-Bienne – HC Fribourg Gottéron 1-3

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Fribourg Gottéron earned a 3-1 on the road in Bienne and therefore demonstrate once again to feel quite comfortable against the Seeländers this season…

Yet, Antti Törmänen’s troops got off to a brillant start of the game. They took the lead with Marc-Antoine Pouliot only 41 seconds after the first puck drop and then, for a while, they were the best side by far.

Fribourg Gottéron for their part proved very patient and grew as the game went by. Mark French’s troops put a great fighting spirit, an excellent team spirit and a good attitude on display. For all this, they were rewarded during the central period… and more precisely, between the 25th and the 33rd minute of play, when they turned the score around thanks to Flavio Schmutz and Andrew Miller.

Only 134 seconds into the third period then, Lukas Lhotak gave a 2-goals lead to the Dragons and basically sealed the win.

Right, because the Seeländers – who we must say, they didn’t totally underperform – tried everything to make it a brand new game… but the visitors defended themselves with a great commitment and could also count on Reto Berra who delivered an outstanding performance.


Reto Berra (HC Fribourg Gottéron)

What a performance for Reto Berra… he was on fire!