So much for tiredness… the Eagles won 4-3 in Davos!


HC Davos – Genève Servette HC 3-4

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Genève Servette won in Davos 4-3 – so much for tiredness – and therefore defeated the Ibexes for the third time out of three this season!

In our opinion, Chris McSorley’s troops won this one thanks to two factors. The first one: patience. The second one: an excellent physical condition.

Patience… because the Eagles, who couldn’t be fresh after all, were able to be patient enough to wait for the key moments of the game in order to make the difference. Physical condition… because despite tiredness, the Eagles were able to make the difference as the game went by.

Davos for their part put some goodwill and agonism (even too much…) on display and during the first 25 minutes of play were able to take a 2-goals lead thanks to Dario Meyer and Enzo Corvi (power-play goal).

Right Enzo Corvi’s goal, however, woke up the sleep-deprived – but fearless – guys coached by Chris McSorley… who, in a matter of less than 2 minutes, were able to equalize thanks to Timi Bozon (finally with his first goal of the season) and Tommy Wingels!

During the early stages of the third period then, it was Tim Bozon again who scored and gave the lead to the Eagles for the first time of the game… Davos, however, who put some character on display, were able to equalize only a couple of minutes later with Marc Wieser.

Anything could happen at that point… and so it happened that Jeremy Wick scored the game winning goal for Genève Servette during a power-play situation in the 52nd minute of play! Davos then tried to react again, but they looked just too nervous… and so the Eagles were able to earn 3 very important points that will help them to (finally!) sleep well tonight.

P.S. best wishes to Eric Martinsson!


Tim Bozon (Genève Servette HC)

Finally Tim Bozon scored his first goal of the season… actually, he scored 2!