All goals are important and make fans celebrate! There are, however, goals that are “slightly” more important in many cases. We’re talking about the “Game Winning Goals”.

Here are two examples to specify what a “Game Winning Goal” is:

  • When the final score is 4-0, the “Game Winning Goal” is the first one scored by the winning team.
  • When the final score is 5-3, the “Game Winning Goal” is the 4th one scored by the winning team.

We wanted to dig deeper though… that is, we also wanted to calculate the assists of the “Game Winning Goals”, so as to calculate the “Game Winning Points”.

Therefore, we present you the following stats:

TOP 5 National League – Game Winning Goals

TOP 5 National League – Game Winning Points

Finally, we will present you the TOP 3 for each team for “Game Winning Points”.

As usual, we want to stress that statistics must be interpreted. We mean, when a final score is 3-2 the “Game Winning Goal” is surely crucial… Instead, when a final score is 7-3, it’s not said that the 4th goal scored by the winning team was the most important one. These are the limits of statistics, after all.

TOP 5 National League – Game Winning Goals

The players with the most “Game Winning Goals” are Mark Arcobello, Dominic Zwerger, Reto Suri and Andrei Bykov.

Reto Suri and Andrei Bykov figures are quite impressive. The forward of Zug – future Lugano – scored 8 goals this season and 5 of them turned out to be crucial for the team’s wins. The forward of Gottéron for his part, did even better… he scored 5 goals this season and 100% of them were crucial for the team’s wins! In other words, Andrei doesn’t score many goals… but they’re all crucial ones!

Finally, also Damien Brunner and Maxim Noreau made it to the TOP 5 thanks to 4 Game Winning Goals.

TOP 5 – Game Winning Points

It looks like Mark Arcobello is the most decisive player of the National League! The forward of Bern doesn’t always deliver outstanding performances… yet, he’s always in the right place at the right time. In fact, he made it 29 times into the scoresheet this season and in 34% of the cases, his points were crucial for the Mutzen’s wins!

Tanner Richard, Killian Mottet and Dustin Jeffrey follow with 7 points. Then, other three players follow with 6 Game Winning Points… namely, Dominic Zwerger, Reto Suri and Damien Brunner.

Let’s see briefly now the current situation for each team. Teams are listed by their current ranking position.

EV Zug

As we’ve seen already before, Reto Suri is a very decisive player. Then, it’s interesting to see Santeri Alatalo second placed… The Bulls’ defenseman scored 14 points this season, of which 5 crucial for a win. Lino Martschini then is third placed.

SC Bern

Mark Arcobello is obviously at the top of this table. Simon Moser and Jan Mursak follow the Canadian forward… It’s almost surprising to note that Andrew Ebbett and Gaëtan Haas didn’t make it to the TOP 3. Indeed, Gaëtan Haas scored only 2 Game Winning Points.

EHC Biel-Bienne

Damien Brunner’s figures are impressive and prove that he’s having a hell of a season. The Top Scorer Toni “on fire” Rajala instead, scored “only” 3 Game Winning Points… Jason Fuchs for his part, is not a scoring machine but his points are often crucial.

HC Ambrì-Piotta

Dominik Kubalik is arguably the best player of the league… Dominic Zwerger though, is scoring more Game Winning Points compared to the top class Czech forward! Marco Müller and Matt D’Agostini for their part also made it to the TOP 3 while Samuel Guerra, who’s currently the 4th scorer of the team, scored only 1 Game Winning Point.

Lausanne HC

Dustin Jeffrey is the player of Lausanne with most Game Winning Points while Joël Vermin follows second placed. Then, also Jonas Junland and Ronalds Kenins made it to the TOP 3… we mean, when it comes to Lausanne, it’s safe to say that there are no surprises.

SCL Tigers

When it comes to Langnau instead, it’s safe to say that there are surprises! Harri Pesonen (2 Game Winning Points) didn’t make it to the TOP 3… the best player of Langnau when it comes to Game Winning Points is Andrea Glauser! The latter scored 9 points… of which 5 decisive for a win! Also Anton Gustafsson (future Bienne) figures are impressive… 4 of his 10 points were crucial for a win. Finally, Chris DiDomenico also made it to the TOP 3.

Genève Servette HC

Genève Servette’s TOP 3 is very long… If we exclude Tanner Richard in fact, who’s incredible, there are so many players who contributed equally for the team’s wins. Among all these players, Daniel Rubin stands out… 3 of his 6 points this season were crucial for a win.

HC Fribourg Gottéron

Killian Mottet is the most decisive player of Fribourg Gottéron while Andrei Bykov is second placed (we wrote already about him earlier). It’s quite a surprise then to see Nathan Marchon third placed… he scored 9 points this season, of which 3 crucial for a win. And it’s quite a surprise also, to note that Julien Sprunger didn’t make it to the TOP 3… since he scored only 3 Game Winning Points.

HC Lugano

Romain Loeffel is the player with the most Game Winning Points! There are those saying that he’s sort of underperforming… yet, he’s able to score crucial points. After the former Eagle, there are 4 players. Among them there are Mauro Jörg and Julian Walker who stand out. Both of these players scored 9 points this season… 3 of them, were crucial for a win.

ZSC Lions

There are three players who scored 5 Game Winning Points. Maxim Noreau, Pius Suter and… Kevin Klein. The latter is mostly a playoffs animal… yet, he’s also a step-up kind of a guy at difficult times. We’re therefore not surprised to see that he’s currently at the top of this table.

HC Davos

Inti Pestoni is the player who scored most Game Winning Points. Dino Wieser and… Julian Payr (!) follow second placed! Julian had only 2 assists in 18 games this season… both of them, however, led to a Game Winning Goal!

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Rapperswil’s table includes only Casey Wellmann and Dion Knelsen who scored 2 Game Winning Points. After them in fact, there are as many as 11 players with only 1 Game Winning Point! The newly-promoted side won only 5 games this season… we mean, the figures are what they are, after all.

Hope your enjoyed. See you next time, guys!