When it comes to National League hockey, 2018 is over. Let’s have a look at the National League 2018 table. Playoffs games are obviously not included.

Teams are ranked by points on average.


Zug are at the top of 2018 table! The Bulls’ results are remarkable and the proof that they’re a top team. Moreover, considering the players that will join them next season… the fans can start licking their chops. The hope is, however, that the fans don’t have to lick their wounds too for the umtpeenth time during the playoffs.

The second best team of 2018 is Bienne! During the last month and a half the Seeländers had several ups and downs… it is nevertheless true that Antti Törmänen’s troops never cease to amaze. The project “Bienne” is fantastic and is paying off. They’re no longer a surprise but a serious outsider.

Bern for their part are third placed. Kari Jalonen’s troops are an almost perfect machine… exactly, “almost”. On paper, and for their game style, they should be the undisputed masters of the league. Yet, they have room for improvement.

Let’s move on to the fourth best team of 2018… the Langnau Tigers! The Tigers results are seriously extraordinary. They went so close – and yet, so far – to make the playoffs last season… this season, the hope is that things will work out differently.

Lugano and Fribourg Gottéron then follow with the same points on average per game. These two teams faced each other at the quarterfinals stage last season… there was no deal to make for the Dragons against the National League’s runners up though.

Ambrì-Piotta instead are 7th placed. Considering the 2018 results, the Leventinesi would make the playoffs and this is something remarkable. The fans are in love with their team again after a long while.

The last team that would make the playoffs instead… is Zürich. The reigning Champions had a dream ride during last season’s playoffs! Frankly speaking, however, their Regular Season’s record is very disappointing. The Lions, on paper, have all it takes to do much better.

Finally, Lausanne, Genève Servette and Davos would not make the playoffs. When it comes to the Ibexes, the 2018 was a nightmare in terms of results!