Merry Christmas, everyone!


If you’re still thinking clearly… if you’re not drunk (yet)… if the glass you’re holding is the last one (ok, the penultimate one…)… if grandma’s turkey (deep-fried!) is not stuck in your stomach… if the cat is not annoying you… if children haven’t busted your eadrums using their last toy…

If all of this is not happening to you, probably you’re reading this article. In other words, either you have got nothing to do or you’re bored.

We are actually taking the opportunity to play with our little kitty this afternoon.

Poor her, dear Cloudy, oftentimes she’s ignored because we’re writing. Today it’s Christmas though… her present was a bunch of equisetum. Believe us or not, she’s crazy about it!

In between of our playing time, we wanted to take our time – between a glass and another one – to write few lines to you.

That’s only to wish you a Merry Christmas!

And to thank you. The number of “you” following us is constantly increasing. We thank you so much! We’d like to say thank you also to the first companies that are supporting us and are helping us in our dream to turn our passion into a real job.

See you soon, guys 🙂

Damiano Cansani – Barbara Kurdziel