The winter break arrived like every year… yeah yeah, we know, we’re not reinventing the wheel by saying that 🙂

However, it’s always interesting to have a look and see how things are going compared to 12 months ago. It’s always interesting to see which teams reached Christmas with a smile – so that it’s easier to wear your best face with the family over Christmas – and which teams instead reached Christmas worried… so worried that you just feel like drinking wine – red for us, please – and skip the meal over Christmas dinner.

Let’s compare then the current Super League table to the one of 12 months ago. Then, let’s see which team improved – or worsened – the most.



Last season there was still hope for Basel. Young Boys were the league leaders, right… but they were only 2 points clear of the Rotblau. Moreover, let’s don’t beat around the bush… 12 month ago, Raphaël Wicky’s troops had a great autumn/winter and most of us thought that, in the end, they would win the umpteenth title. It didn’t happen, for the joy of Young Boys!

At the bottom of the table instead, Sion were darn struggling. The Sédunios were totally downhearted… but in the end, also thanks to Maurizio Jacobacci, they survived and sent Lausanne to hell.

Let’s see now which teams improved the most in terms of points.



Young Boys are by far the ones who improved the most in terms of points! The troops now under Gerardo Seoane earned 12 points more compared to 12 months ago… that’s remarkable.

Their “little cousins” of Thun also improved a lot and earned this season 7 points more. That’s great for Marc Schneider’s troops. Also Luzern improved and earned 5 points more… The Swiss Centrals, we recall, had a great second part of last season with Gerardo Seoane as their coach.

The last team that improved this season is Sion. One could say, however, that it was impossible to do worst.

Lugano for their part, are exactly where they were one year ago, for better or worse.

All the other teams instead worsened and will spend Christmas thinking about what they did wrong.

St. Gallen and Zürich earned only 1 and 3 points less this season… but Basel, and most and above all Grasshopper, are doing much worse.

Finally, it’s curious to compare Neuchâtel Xamax – the current bottom of the table – and Lausanne who got relegated at the end of last season. Well, Michel Decastel’s troops earned 9 points less compared to the Vaudois last season!

Then sure, this means everything and its opposite. In the end, Lausanne’s performances were catastrophic in spring… Xamax for their part, are now the prime candidate for relegation but we wouldn’t rule them out just yet.

Finally, let’s have a brief overview of the differences in terms of goals scored and goals conceded.



Young Boys – by far – Lugano, Sion, Thun, Luzern, St. Gallen and Zürich all scored more compared to last season. Basically, these teams represents the 70% of the total. The only teams who scored less this season compared to last season are Neuchâtel Xamax (compared to Lausanne), Basel and Grasshopper.

In terms of goals conceded instead, Thun are much more solid. Moreover, also Sion and St. Gallen conceded slightly less. On the other hand, all the other teams conceded more goals this season compared to last one. It’s impressive – in negative terms, of course – Basel’s data. Guys, we’re talking about 17 goals conceded more this season compared to last season! That’s something that can make you get drunk from now until after new year…

Well, that’s it for today. Compare, analyze, debate… and discuss about these figures at the table. But do it only when your blood alcohol level is at least “decent”. You don’t want to screw the Christmas spirit, do you?

Best wishes 🙂