This week-end the game Ambrì-Piotta vs Bern is scheduled at the Valascia. It’s gonna be a very good – and tough – test for Ambrì-Piotta.

Luca Cereda’s troops won the last game played against the Mutzen 3-2 after shootouts back on November 16, right… but when the the Leventinesi host Bern things are very, very, difficult for them.

Suffice it to say that the Biancoblù won only 1 of the last 7 home games against Bern. The last home win against Bern, goes back to over 750 days ago… and more precisely, it goes back to November 29, 2016.

On that day at the Valascia the hosts were coached by Hans Kossmann and won 6-3!

Ambrì-Piotta scorers were Oliver Kamber, Elias Bianchi, Adam Hall, Janne Pesonen, Jason Fuchs and Elias Bianchi. The visitors’ scorers instead were Andrew Ebbett (2) and Simon Moser.

Below, the full game details.

We mean, life is tough for the Leventinesi when they face the Mutzen. Then again, it’s important to stress that Luca Cereda’s troops are now a much more mature team compared to the past… therefore, to win tonight another home win against Bern 753 after the last one, it’s not a pipe dream.

Then sure, Kari Jalonen’s troops are good… very good. It’s gonna be difficult.

Finally, one more trivia… Ambrì-Piotta’s second last home win against Bern dated back to January 23, 2015. On that day the Biancoblù earned a 5-4 home win and their current SD Paolo Duca was lined up as a Captain. Well, the Captain was assessed a game misconduct penalty at about the half-an-hour mark 🙂