Today, we want to talk about the National League’s schedule.

Let’s take two examples but we could take tens of them.

Example one: Last Friday – November 30th – Genève Servette played in Davos and 24 hours later played against Rapperswil at the Patinoire les Vernets.

And just to be clear, the trip to Davos is the longest one for the Eagles.

Example two: this week-end, between December 7th and December 8th within 24 hours, Lugano and Ambrì-Piotta will play two consecutive derbies. It’s pointless to beat around the bush: the most fiercy derby in Switzerland loses its appeal this way. Moreover, 4 other teams will play each other within 24 hours. It’s not the first time.

In other words, we don’t understand.

These two examples are enough for now, even tough as we said we could take tens of them. And then again: just how absurd the National League’s schedule is?

We do understand that probably, financially, the games played on Friday and Saturday night, just like the ones played on Sunday afternoon, are more interesting. Yet, we think that we’ve been crossing the line over the last few years. This has an impact on the players’ health and on the show.

And let’s don’t compare our situation to the one of the NHL. We’re in Switzerland here!

So, here are the three things that annoy us the most.


We think the best way would be to keep the “playoffs” style all season long. That is, games should be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This way, the players always have time to recover from one game to another. This, moreover, will improve their health and reduce the risk of injuries. Without forgetting that the show would also improve drastically.

Moreover, we’ve had enough of games within 24 hours between the same two teams!


Switzerland is small… right. But it’s absurd to make Genève Servette play in Davos on Friday and the next day at home. Oftentimes, this happens to a couple of teams. In particular, the most disadvantaged in terms of geographical location. More precisely, we’re talking about the two Tessin’s based side (Lugano in particular), Davos, Genève Servette and, at least partially, Lausanne.

We mean, some sense wouldn’t hurt.

Below, the link to our article published a couple of weeks ago about the number of km covered by the team each season.

National League teams travel over 100’000 km a season… let’s get down to the details.


It would be desirable that, to the extent possible, teams always play the same number of games. We understand when a team has a game in hand… (or even two). But when we’re in November and there are teams with 3 or 4 games in hand, it’s too much! This way, the table is not reliable and there is even some lack of seriousness.

We mean, is it really impossible to improve the current situation? Or well… maybe no one wants to, and this would be the worst thing in our opinion.

It would be so easy in our opinion. Games should be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Whoever doesn’t have the arena available… must adapt. For the good of all.

Damiano, Barbara