FC Zürich – Grasshopper Club Zürich 2-0 – Match Report Day 16


FC Zürich – Grasshopper Club Zürich 2-0

Our match report, the key player, video highlights and match statistics.


Zürich earned a 2-0 win against Grasshopper in the second derby of the season.

Yep, the Limmat derby… synonymous with emotions. The truth, however, is that only Zürich fans enjoyed the match!

The match played at the Letzigrund in fact, soon enough turned into a one-sided affair in Magnin’s troops favour. There was no deal to make for the Hoppers whatsoever, it’s as simple as that. In fact, Heinz Lindner was the only reason why the two teams went to the first break level on the score (0-0).

Zürich, however, never gave up and came back after the break to reap the rewards for their great effort… firstly Salim Khelifi finally scored the opener in the 52nd minute of play and then Stephen Odey sealed the win the the 83rd minute of play!

Question: were Zürich unstoppable or were Grasshopper so darn poor?! Well, as it is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle…

Magnin’s troops once again proved that when they have a good day they’re are devastating. The Hoppers for their part, proved once again that they’re not currently 9th placed by accident…


Heinz Lindener (Grasshopper Club Zürich)

Heinz Lindner is the reason why the final score was only 2-0…


FC Zürich – Grasshopper Club 2-0, 02.12.18 Super League match stats