FC Thun – FC St. Gallen 2-0 – Match Report Day 16


FC Thun – FC St. Gallen 2-0

Our match report, the key player, video highlights and match statistics.


Thun earned a very important 2-0 home win against St. Gallen!

The match played at the Stockhorn Arena was very predictable… we mean, St. Gallen performed well (for 45 minutes, as usual…) while Thun were able to make the difference during the second half (as it is often the case).

Peter Zeidler’s troops got off to a brillant start of the match and outplayed Thun during the early stages and until the 18th minute of play… that is, until Vincent Sierro missed a penalty in a very arrogant way (especially considering the context and the moment of the match).

Even after the penaly missed, however, St. Gallen were the better side. The problem was, that the visitors were not able to make the difference at any time because of their lack of determination and that is why the score was goalless at the end of the first half.

After the break then, Thun exponentially increased their level of play while St. Gallen apparentely forgot to get out of the dressing room…

It was therefore not an accident that between the 55th and the 71st minute of play, Marvin Spielmann and Grégory Karlen scored the two goals that earned Thun the win!

A win that, overall, is deserved for Thun.

St. Gallen performed better during the first half while Thun performed better during the second half. However, Marc Schneider’s troops seemed like they had that “little something extra” more than St. Gallen in terms of determination and winning mindset!


Grégory Karlen (FC Thun)

Grérory Karlen’s performance was excellent.. moreover, he even scored Thun’s second goal of the night!