The Super League is coming back and won’t stop until the winter break!

Before we start again, however, we want to propose you – team by team – several individual statistics. Today, let’s talk  about…


St. Gallen are currently 5th placed and, despite some ups and downs, already proved to have the potential to have a great season.

Today, however, we want to focus only on individual statistics. More precisely, we want to rank the top 5 players for the following categories:

Minutes Played

Goals Scored

Conversion Rate

Ratio Minutes / Goals


Ratio Minutes / Shots

Let’s get started!


Peter Zeidler always lined up his goalkeeper Dejan Stojanovic and his defenseman Silvan Hefti. These two players, are the only ones who have been playing every single minute of the season so far.

Andreas Wittwer, Jordi Quintillà and Vincent Sierro follow as the most used players by the German coach.


St. Gallen’s midfielder Vincent Sierro is currently the team’s top scorer with 6 goals! The unlucky Cedric Itten follows him with 4 goals scored before the severe injury.

Tranquillo Barnetta then is third placed with 3 goals scored while Dereck Kutesa (2) and Roman Buess (1) make it to the top 5. To note that also Majeed Ashimeru scored 1 goal like Roman Buess.


Silvan Hefti is the player with the highest conversion rate but the defenseman’s figure is to be taken with a grain of salt since he shot on goal only 3 times (1 goal).

The most significant figures then, are those of Vincent Sierro and Tranquillo Barnetta. Also Cedric Itten and Jordi Quintillà’s figures are decent… while Roman Buess doesn’t make it to the top 5. In fact, the striker has a 5.3% conversion rate which is very low…


Tranquillo Barnetta scores 1 goal every 110 minutes… unfortunately though, he’s not often lined up in the starting 11.

Also Cedric Itten and Vincent Sierro’s figures are very good while Dereck Kutesa and Roman Buess close the top 5.


Vincent Sierro is the player who shot the most followed by Cedric Itten and Majeed Ashimeru.

Roman Buess and Dereck Kutesa also make it to the top 5.


Tranquillo Barnetta is some sort of shooting machine… in fact, he shots on goal once every 19 minutes!

Moreover, there are several players who shot more than one time per half of the game… we’re talking about Cedric Itten, Roman Buess, Kekuta Manneh and Yannis Tafer! St. Gallen are an attacking minded team, after all.

Well, that’s it for today…

St. Gallen’s next game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon when they will travel to Zürich to face Grasshopper at the Letzigrund. Good luck!