The first international break is probably the first moment of a season during which you can analyze the teams. Therefore, we present you our analysis of the 12 National League’s teams.

Let’s analyze today…


“Yep, the path taken is the right one!”

In our opinion, Ambrì-Piotta have two targets for this season.

The first one: to survive. As soon as possible. In order to ensure the survival of the club. The second one: to continue to grow after last season and therefore to confirm that the path taken is the right one.

Well, we have to wait a couple of month to know if the first target will be achieved. But we can say already that the second target, at least for now, has been achieved. Namely, Ambrì-Piotta took the right path!

The current 10th place on the table is to be taken with a grain of salt. The Leventinesi, all in all, are where they were supposed to be. Unless someone, naively thought that after a good run of results during the first part of October that this team can easily battle for a playoffs spot.

The truth is that Ambrì-Piotta are doing well. They have their ups and downs, of course. We’ll talk shortly about that. But nobody can deny that this team has a present and a future!

The club seems much more solid and stable. Paolo Duca made a virtue of necessity and built a very good roster. Luca Cereda for his part, confirms to be the right man in the right place at the right time!


The system of play

Luca Cereda asks his boys to play a very demanding hockey. But his system of play can give much satisfaction. Ambrì-Piotta can play a direct, intense hockey, and are able to gift their fans with very good performances! Without forgetting that the Leventinesi can count on a couple of classy players capable of turning the good hockey into goals!


Ambrì-Piotta’s power-play is not always aesthetically perfect. Moreover, at times the players struggle to enter the offensive zone. But the truth is that the Leventinesi’s power-play is darn effective! Luca Cereda can count on two lines able to create clear scoring changes. Also thanks to a couple of quality players that are extremely efficient during power-play situations.

The accuracy in front of goal

Ambrì-Piotta have a very good scoring percentage. In fact, 7 players (and Bryan Lerg who, however, played only 2 games) have a scoring percentage above 10.0%! More precisely, we’re talking about Marco Müller, Dominic Zwerger, Fabio Hofer, Dominik Kubalik, Matt D’Agostini, Jiri Novotny and Noele Trisconi. The thing is, that it’s not an accident… the good overal performances, together with the decent results, built the players self-confidence. And this latter factor turn into ability to put the puck in the net.


The lack of consistency

Luca Cereda’s system of play is spectacular and effective. But it’s also very very demeanding. Both physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to think that Ambrì-Piotta can be effective regularly throughout the whole season. In fact, it’s almost impossible even to think that Ambrì-Piotta can be at their best over-the-arc of the 60 minutes. The team, however, should find a way to have a “plan b” to use during difficult times.

The defense

Ambrì-Piotta concede way too many goals. Only Davos and Rapperswil conceded more. And here we’re talking again about the lack of consistency and a lack of a plan b… The Leventinesi in fact, conceded only 1 goal on average per game during their 6 wins. While they conceded as many as 4.5 goals on average during their 10 games lost. We mean, there is no middle-ground… The team can be very solid but not consistencly. In fact, during the negative times, also because of too many distractions, Ambrì-Piotta concede too many clear scoring chances to their opponents.


It’s pointless to underline how important is to be effective at faceoffs. Especially for a team like Ambrì-Piotta. To be effective at faceoffs in fact, allows you to save the energies required to get back the puck possession. And the truth is that Ambrì-Piotta are by far the less effective team of the league when it comes to faceoffs (45.4%). Among the players that regularly present themselves at faceoffs, only Jiri Novotny has an above 50.0% effectiveness (51.3%). This is something that must improve.


Dominik Kubalik

Dominik Kubalik is one of the most in-form players of the league! The Czech forward has out of the ordinary skills and in Ambrì they haven’t seen such a sniper in years… His shot is impressive! But that’s not all… Dominik in fact, he’s also a great example to follow in terms of commitment and determination. We mean, the Biancoblù’s fans are salivating!


Jiri Novotny

It’s difficult to find a valuable import-player during the season… and it’s even more difficult to find one who perfectly adapts himself to the reality of Ambrì. But Jiri Novotny turned out to be a gem! He’s experienced and he was able to improve the team’s quality. Moreover, and it was not self-evident, he perfectly look the part of the club. We mean, congrats to who hired him!


Goals For & Goals Against (vs NL average)

Ambrì-Piotta’s number of goals scored is about the National League average. While the number of goals conceded is way above the average… in fact, as we said already before, the Leventinesi concede too many goals. Only Rapperswil (52) and Davos (62) have been conceding more goals that the Leventinesi so far.

Let’s see how these goals were distributed over the arc of the game.

Goals For & Goals Against per 10’

One wonders why Ambrì-Piotta concede so many goals between the 10th minute of play and the second break. Then, the team concedes also too many goals during the latest stages of the games and this can be explained by tiredness… especially mental tiredness, because in our opinion the players are in a good physical condition. Luca Cereda’s system of play is very demanding and this seems to cost a lot during the latest stages of the games. Moreover, Ambrì-Piotta lost 2 overtimes out of 2 and lost their only shootouts series. We don’t think it’s an accident.

Shots on Goal & Shots on Goal Faced

Ambrì-Piotta’s number of shot is below the league’s average. In fact, only Davos (447), Lugano (432) and Rapperswil (432) shot less than the Biancoblù. The number of shots against instead, it’s about the National League’s average.

Let’s see how these shots on goal were distributed over the arc of the game.

Shots on Goal & Shots on Goal Faced for each period of play

Ambrì-Piotta shot more as the games goes on. And this, in our opinion, confirms that the players are in a good physical condition. However, tendentially, the Leventinesi never shot more than their opponents during the three periods of play.

Scoring % – Saving &

Scoring %

Ambrì-Piotta’s scoring percentage is above the National League average. In fact, it’s the 5th best of the league. Only Lugano, Bienne, Zug and Langnau did better.

Saving %

Ambrì-Piotta’s saving percentage is overall below the league’s average. Benjamin Conz saving percentage is 91.2% while Daniel Manzato’s one is 87.1%. We’d like to say however that, in our opinion, the Leventinesi can count on a great pair of goalies. Currently Conz is the most in-form one… but we’re pretty sure Manzato will have his chance to make the difference.

Power-Play & Penalty-Killing


As we said earlier, Ambrì-Piotta’s power-play is the best of the league in terms of efficiency. This figure speaks for itself.


Ambrì-Piotta are not great penalty killers… their efficiency is 79.4%… only Lausanne (77.8%), Fribourg Gottéron (76.1%) and Genève Servette (72.7%) have a lower efficiency when they play shorthanded.


CORSI Index (PP, PK, included)

Ambrì-Piotta’s puck possession is below 50%… Only Rapperswil (47.1%) and Davos (46.8%) have a lower puck possession.


Ambrì-Piotta’s PDO is almost 100%… it means that, based on this stat, the Leventinesi are overall earning as much as deserved.


It’s difficult to figure out what Ambrì-Piotta can do. The hope is, however, that Michael Fora’s arrival and Jiri Novotny’s contract extension until the end of the season, didn’t – subconsciuosly – raised the expectations. The Leventinesi in fact, as they always said, they must survive. Anything more than that, it would be pure gold.

This is not lack of ambition but realism. There is no doubt that each team start every game with all the intentions to win. And this is what also Ambrì-Piotta are obviously doing. Therefore, why not to dream to make the playoffs? Dreams are for free, after all… But no one can forget that Ambrì-Piotta started a growth process last season. A growth process that, willy nilly, will last a couple of seasons more.

One thing is to grow. But to develop more and to build a winning mindset takes time. Like it or not.

Therefore, go on Ambrì-Piotta. Give your best and if you’ll make the playoffs so much the better. Otherwise, survival is achievable for what we’ve seen so far. Without forgetting that there is a certainty: the parth taken, is the right one!

Good luck, Ambrì-Piotta!