NATIONAL LEAGUE Top Scorers per period of play!


There are those players who… ready, steady, go! They’re off to a great start but then their performances are less effective as the game goes on.

It takes a while instead, to other players, in order to be efficient in front of goal. But then they prove crucial in the final stages of the games. And finally, other players are more consistent throughout the 60 minutes of play.

Let’s see then the National League’s Top Scorers per period of play.

We’ll show you the “Top 10” per each period.


Lausanne’s player Dustin Jeffrey is by far the player who makes it the most into the scoresheet in the first period! The Vaudois forward has set up as many as 15 times his teammates in the first 20 minutes of play so far. Also thanks to this, he’s the 1st period’s Top Scorer.

Simon Bodenmann (SC Bern) instead, scored as many as 10 goals in the first period of play. No one did better than him so far in the National League.


A Lausanne’s player is again at the top. We’re talking about Nicklas Danielsson. The latter, scored as many as 12 goals in the central periods! A nice little haul that, however, did not help the Vaudois to avoid the playouts.

Dustin Jeffrey is second placed, mostly thanks to his 16 assists. No one in the league claimed as many assists as the Lausanne’s import player. These figures, however, make us understand (if it were still necessary) that ice hockey is a team sport. Individualities help you to win a game but do not guarantee you to achieve the seasonal goals.


Lausanne’s players disappear from the Top 10… which leads us to believe that the team has got a problem related to the physical condition.

Surely Viktor Stalberg doesn’t have this problem. In fact, he’s the 3rd period’s Top Scorer! Zug’s forward is also the player who scored the most in the third periods of play (9 goals).

There is then a lot of “Ticino” behind him… Matt D’Agostini, Linus Klasen and Dominic Zwerger are in fact very efficient in the third periods!

Finally, Roman Cervenka (Fribourg Gottéron) and Garrett Roe (Zug, again!) are the players who clamed the highest number of assists.


Not all teams have played the same number of overtime periods. Therefore, this last table is to be taken with a grain of salt.

However, Eric Blum’s figures are impressive. Bern’s defenseman made it 20 times into the scoresheet this season. Well, 4 of this points came during the overtime periods!

Stay tuned… because soon we’ll publish the “Top 3” scorers per period of play of all the National League’s teams!