SUPER LEAGUE – Which teams have the most clean sheets so far?


A clean sheet? It’s a dream. It’s a dream for the goalkeeper, for the defense, for the coach. More generally, it’s actually a dream for the whole team.

It means (in most cases) that the defensive performance was perfect.

Then let’s see which teams stood out in this respect this season in the Super League so far.

First of all, it’s worth emphasising that Basel have the best defensive record (19 goals against) while Lausanne have the worst one (45 goals against).

Stats are updated to 27.02.2018

Premise: a greater number of clean sheets doesn’t necessarily means to have the best defense.


Young Boys are top of this table. The troops of Hutter have ended as many as 9 games without conceding a goal. In other words, 40% of their games. Impressive.

Basel and Lugano follow behind the current league leaders. Both teams ended 8 games with a clean sheet. Basel’s figures do not surprise us. Lugano’s ones instead, are worth noting. Especially after what happened last Sunday in St. Gallen.


Da Costa has been heavily criticized. Too harshly in our opinion. Lugano’s goalkeeper is certainly aware that his mistakes did cost a lot. However, it needs to be born in mind that a goalkeeper is like a “daredevil”. Any of his mistakes oftentimes lead to a goal conceded. Contrary to a striker’s mistake, which is normally considered as “part of the game”.

But let’s get back to clean sheets. Lausanne are the team that ended less games with a clean sheet. In fact, it happened only once. On day 12 away against St. Gallen. On that day the Vaudois earned a 4-0 win.

Finally, let’s see the figures of home & away clean sheets.


Young Boys are once again in front. This time though, the current league leaders are joined by Grasshopper and Zürich.

First of all, it’s worth to underline that 4 out of the 5 Hopper’s clean sheets came with Murat Yakin as the first team coach. This is something that makes sense… Grasshopper’s coach (who replaced Bernegger) is perhaps the best tactician of the Super League after all.

Also Zürich’s figures do not surprise us. Uli Forte (replaced by Magnin last week) was able to build a very solid defense. Not for nothing, Zürich have the 3rd best defensive record of the league.

Lausanne’s figures instead, are quite negative. The boys of Celestini are the only team that was unable to end a home with a clean sheet so far!


Basel are on top. The boys of Wicky have conceded as little as 7 goals in their 11 away games so far. Moreover, it is worth emphasising that the Rotblau have ended as many as 5 of their last 7 away games without conceding a single goal.

Young Boys and Lugano follow behind the title holders. The Bianconeri, let us remember, before St. Gallen ended as many as 4 consecutive away games (St. Gallen, Grasshopper, Thun, Basel) without conceding a single goal!

Lausanne, Luzern and Thun instead, are among the worse teams. Overall though, if we exclude the first 3 teams, it appears that the others darn struggle to end an away game with a clean sheet.

Also Zürich, namely the team with the 3rd best defensive record of the league, ended only 2 away games without conceding goals (By the way, it happened in their first 2 away games of the season. Including a derby).

Same level as the current bottom of the table Sion. Also in this case though, it’s worth to mention that the only 2 clean sheets came at the end of their first 2 away games of the season in Thun and Lausanne. When Paolo Tramezzani was still the first team coach…