We all know the Super League table. But do you know the 1st half and 2nd half Super League table?

If the answer is “no”… Well, you’ve come to the right place!


Young Boys and Basel are by far the best teams. The current League leaders and the Title holders are the most efficient teams in the first half.

Luzern follow 3rd placed by 9 points behind. After the Swiss Centralr, there is a group of 4 teams that includes St. Gallen, Thun, Grasshopper and Lugano.

Instead, it’s kind of a (relative) surprise to see Zürich in the lower part of the table. While Lausanne are last placed, also behind the current bottom of the table Sion…

Lugano and Thun figures are curious. The Bianconeri have won 6 first halves, they have drew 11 and have lost only 6. In other words, the boys of Pier Tami almost always give themselves a chance to reach the break with the chance to win. Thun instead, well… it’s everything or nothing!


Most wins: FC Basel, BSC Young Boys (11)

Most draws: FC Lugano (11)

Most losses: FC Thun (10)

Best offensive record: FC Thun (21)

Best defensive record: FC Basel (5)

Worst offensive record: FC Lugano (10)

Worst defensive record: FC Lausanne-Sport (24)


Here is when Young Boys make the difference: in the second half! This table clearly shows the exceptional physical condition of the current league leaders.

Basel in fact are still 2nd placed but as many as 12 (!) points behind.

Instead, the two Zürich based teams, appear to have a good physical condition.

Lugano and Thun figures instead are kind of worrying. The Bianconeri, however, probably paid a high price because of the lack of experience to play in two competitions (Super League, Europa League). We are very curious about their second half performances from now until the end of the season in this respect.


Most wins: BSC Young Boys (14)

Most draws: FC Sion (12)

Most losses: FC San Gallo (13)

Best offensive record: BSC Young Boys (33)

Best defensive record: FC Zurigo (11)

Worst offensive record: FC Lugano, FC Sion (13)

Worst defensive record: FC San Gallo (27)


Finally, the following chart will show you the difference of points earned in the first and second half. You are left to make up your own mind…

Have a good rest of the season, dear fans!